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Achieve Your Goals This Year

young woman jogs on a snow covered back road with the wind stinging her reddened nose and cheeks

It's the day after Christmas, and New Year's resolutions are beginning to swell my brain like yesterday's swollen belly. I'm sure if you are anything like me, this time of year, you are bombarded with emails, conversations, and thoughts about new year's resolutions.

It seems the reason so many of us fail to achieve the resolutions we set for ourselves is we focus too much on the process of achieving those goals, rather than focusing on why we want to achieve the goal in the first place. If you can spell out why you want to reach the goal, you will have a better chance of actually reaching it.

"How can I do it?"

So we know setting goals is essential, but more importantly, you have to get started.  Many people can't get started because they tell themselves, "I can't do it," instead of asking themselves, "How can I do it?" When you tell yourself you can't do something, then your brain tells you to head back to the sunken sofa and turn on the television.  The truth is some of us will spend all our free time watching TV or on the computer while others will be at the gym exercising our bodies and trying to figure out "How to do it." Simply put, not starting and achieving goals is directly related to laziness.  Like it or not, it is laziness and fear of failure that holds most people back from achieving their dreams.

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If you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen. That's a fact!  If you develop a positive attitude and develop new skills and abilities, you will somehow find the financial capacity to achieve them.  One step at a time, you will begin to uncover new opportunities as long as you don't tell yourself, "I can't do it."

Keep in mind that with the Internet, social media, and the globalization of the marketplace, it's easy to be sucked into a false sense of easily obtainable success.  Remember, sooner or later – you have to put a lot of effort into your goal. It's all about asking, "How can I do it?"

Think about that.

young woman running fast past a frozen lake in a winter wonder land at sunset

It’s freezing out. The thought of putting on your runners and hitting the road is a chilling prospect. According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, the best way to stay moving in the winter is to sign up for a spring race. If you sign up for a race, you then have the WHY all figured out.

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As a winter runner myself, here are a few tips to help you work right through the bitterly cold weather. Dress warm, but do not overdress. When you first get outside, you’ll feel cold, but you do not want to overheat. Dress in layers with a hat and running gloves. Your feet will produce enough heat to stay warm. I’ve found you won’t need more than regular running shoes. Wear shoes with thick tread or buy traction slipovers for your regular shoes. Traction cleats with metal spikes for anti-slip will do a lot to prevent slipping or a fall.

close up of the back of running shoes as a jogger takes a stride in the snow

First, slow everything down. Slow your warm-up down. You will need more focus if you run in the winter. Trying to mess with your phone will take your concentration off the road. If it’s icy or slushy, you have to be extra careful. Slow your pace way down. Actually, slow your entire program down from the length of your run to the music you listen to. Warm up slowly, walk, then slow jog, and then increase to an easy run — focus, focus, focus. The last thing you need is an injury or an excuse not to exercise at all.

Get out there!
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Written by T Smugala


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