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Finding That Me Time

In this day and age, it can be hard to find the time for anything extra.

The new age rush-rush fast-paced rat race lifestyle that’s become almost mandatory for most has nearly killed the concept of “me time”. Considering how tense and tough and sometimes scary the world can be, self-care is one thing you don’t want to put off.

About 6 weeks ago I got my first massage in nearly 10 years. Jen busted through a decade worth of tension and tightness like a total pro. The release of all that stress was so overwhelmingly powerful it literally brought me to tears. I knew I couldn’t let it get that bad again, but there’s no way I could spend a whole hour plus driving time on myself every week, or even every month, especially with the busy schedule me and my family already struggle with. I mean most days the only time I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off is during my lunch break.

So the question is, what can you do to treat yourself that's less than 30 minutes and leaves you enough time to get back to the office? The answer is… a lot more than you think.

Turns out Massage and Skin Works has a whole slew of self-pampering services to offer that take 20 minutes or less.

It was good to see Jen again. She noticed in my paperwork that I get frequent headaches and suffer from seasonal allergies, so she recommended a facial massage to work the sinuses and alleviate any stress in the head, neck, and shoulders. So I decided to start with that.

Good. Call. Jen.

Starting on the temples and working her way around and down the side of my face, she explained, "If you have a headache when you come in, a lot of times working this area will help with that. I know some people who get headaches because they're jaw clinchers."

"Guilty!" I laughed, "I'm a major jaw clincher, especially in my sleep."

As she worked her way to the back of my head and neck area, all my cares started to slip away and I began to feel as light as a cloud. Coming down to the shoulders, she noticed the tension and soreness in my body. "A lot of times, when that back is sore, those pectoral muscles will be sore as well." She said as she started to really press deep into the tops of my pectorals. I didn't realize how much stress I had held there, I didn't even know they were sore until she started working that area and it felt amazing!

She worked her way back up the neck to my face and massaged around my cheeks and under my eyes. She then pressed and held a light pressure just below the inside corners of my eyes. "So what does that do?" I asked.

"So this spot, and then right beside your nostrils, if your sinuses are blocked, if you hold those spots a few times throughout the day it helps release that blockage." She replied.

I could feel my sinuses starting to clear as fluid began to move and drain. My headache I had woken up with that morning was completely gone now, and I was starting to feel pretty great. Just as I released a deep sigh and let go of all the stress that had built up in my face, head, and neck, Jen said, "Ok! All done! How do you feel?"

"So much better!" But I wasn't quite ready to go. Checking my phone, I realized I still had 15 more minutes. Having an understanding and lenient boss, and only being 2 minutes from my office, I decided to go for it and really treat myself.

"Do you have time for a 15-minute foot massage?" I asked.

"I do if you do." She smiled.

Holy wow! I am so glad I stayed for that!

Holy wow! I am so glad I stayed for that! I have to admit, the sounds that came out of me were unnatural and a little disturbing, but the healing that I was experiencing is one of the most healthy and natural ways to restore your well-being, both physically and mentally. I could feel knots in my stomach I didn’t even realize were there, begin to loosen and release. I know it sounds strange, but I felt like I could breathe easier like the air was somehow lighter.

Hands wrap around a small foot with painted nails, massaging and soothing
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The 15 minutes seemed to go by so fast, but I could feel a definite difference, not only in my feet, but throughout my body, mind, and soul. I’m glad I went ahead and got both services today, but even if I only had the time to come in just for one or the other, it would have been more than worth the trip.

Feeling fresh and fantastic, I went back to the office and had a beautifully productive day. Taking the time to do self-care does so much more than just relieve an achey body, it re-energizes the mind and restores your drive. Be sure to take that time, whenever you can, even if you have to do it on your lunch break and eat your sandwich on the way. Lol. And be sure to check out Massage & Skin Works and all of the amazing self-pampering options they have to offer! Your health is important, and you can’t be productive without it. So until next time 573, be happy, be healthy, be well.


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