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Gone Trout Fishin’ - Westover Farms

Looking into these clear waters, it’s like looking into a surreal painting.

clear waters with water grasses and swimming trout at Westover Farms

The first things you notice after arriving on the Westover property is the water—perfectly clear and filled with green reeds that sway and cause small ripples.  Once you get closer, you begin to see the fish.  The creeks, brooks, and streams are full of thousands of fish.  People come from all over the country and places outside of the U.S. to fish these protected and pristine waters.  It’s more like a botanical garden than a fishery and lodge.  Guests are not even permitted to set foot into some of the waters at Westover Farms: It’s, “Do not disturb the plants or wildlife.”

When James Ira Halbert Westover settled in Crawford County near Steelville in 1854, he instantly fell in love with the cool streams and rolling hills. Fueled by a grand vision for the land’s abundant water resources, Westover cleared the property and built a millhouse. The mill quickly flourished, sustaining neighboring counties with grain, sorghum molasses, and wool. At its peak, the mill gave birth to the small town of Westover, which housed a post office, blacksmith shop, general store, and grade school.

ruins from old mill building at Westover Farms

Over the years, the town faded away, as did the old mill building, which tragically burned down in the early 1980s. Today, the Westover property has been transformed into one of the top fly fishing destinations in the Midwest. Their antique, hand-hewn log and stone homes give tribute to the property’s rich history. A stay at Westover is like a time portal to the past. These old Missouri log and stone frontier structures were rebuilt on-site while maintaining all of today’s modern conveniences.

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Winter Trout Lakes

Farmington - Giessing Lake in located in Engler Park

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Jackson - Rotary Lake is located in Jackson City Park

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Columbia - Cosmo-Bethel Lake is located in Cosmo-Bethel Park

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Mexico - Kiwanis Lake is located just southwest of the Plunkett Park baseball field

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The Trout Parks Missouri's trout parks provide easy accessible trout fishing. You'll need a state fishing license and a daily trout tag, available at the park's store, but a seasonal trout permit will not be required. March 1 to October 31, the daily limit is 4 trout in combination, but brown trout must be 15 inches or longer.

Blue Ribbon Areas Blue Ribbon Trout Areas  are managed to produce trophy-sized trout. The daily limit is one trout at least 18 inches or longer. Regulations calls for flies or lures only.

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This website is not affiliated with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Double-check the regulations before you go fishing.

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Well worth the visit.

Models - Adam & AJ Koehler

Written by T. Smugala

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