The Chicken & The Egg -New Ways of Doing Business

There's something NEW in the area. I know I said the "NEW" word, but don't' panic.  This New is easy to understand; it saves you a ton of dough if you have a new or start-up business, and it just makes a lot of sense. It's called shared office space — a co-working space.  It's designed to help small businesses and beginning entrepreneurs get out of their basements or coffee shops and into a real, professional work setting.

Ask any entrepreneur with an in-home office, and they'll tell you that sitting around in your pajamas all day and walking back and forth to the refrigerator gets old very quickly.  Both coffee shops and home offices have too many distractions and limitations to grow a business efficiently. Trying to do business at a local coffee shop is a drag.  It can be downright embarrassing having to meet clients in a public place — not to mention the sour looks you get from the coffee shop owners.  Our new co-working environment could be a long-awaited solution to your pain and as well as a way to grow your business.

large open office with sunlight streamin in desk, chair, and nice decor

WorkSPACE, located in downtown Farmington is solving the big question that all start-up businesses are faced to ponder, "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?"  You need to grow your business before you can get an office, and you need an office before you can grow your business. WorkSPACE solves this dilemma for you by providing office space without a long term lease, fully furnished, utilities included, free WIFI… and at 50% to 70% less than any other office space in the region.  WorkSPACE, strategically located on the main drag in downtown Farmington, is full of energy and other start-up geeks like you.  And get this!  Open office space starts at only $150 per month.

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WorkSPACE tenants can enjoy coming to work because they interact with other interesting people from different industries.  Being part of an office community creates opportunities through networking, which will improve your business. By leaving the operation of your office to WorkSPACE, you can concentrate on managing and marketing your business and boosting productivity for your company while in a fun and friendly environment.  

Vacant office with desk, chairs, and a computer

In addition to open office space, there are several small private offices available for short-term leases. They come fully furnished with secured keyed excess 24/7/365.  Private office spaces range from $250 to $450 per month, depending upon the amenities.

Lobby with leather chairs, table, large beautiful rug, and a sign with a flying saucer that says WorkSPACE

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