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It's time, baby!


Choose the most deserving Mommy.

They may not be out changing the world or spearheading the latest social cause, but they’re warriors in our eyes all the same.  Overcoming the obstacles of daily life, eating untold buckets of slime, taking care of all those around them — they all deserve some “ME” time.   573 Magazine and Show Me Younger are coming to the rescue!   They are all so delicious we can't decide—we need your help.

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Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors at  Show Me Younger Medical Aesthetics.

We need your vote.  

Let's do this.  


Step one: Review the Mommies below.

Step two: Choose the very best one.

Step three: Hit vote!  (Only one vote per email)  


Mommy #1 RACHEL

(: Hi! I’m a 34-year-old single mom of 3-year-old twins and they are my world!  I like walking on the beach and long wagon rides at the pumpkin patch—and all the other things a single mother does to keep her kids happy and entertained.  I’m a full-time parent and a full-time worker so self-care definitely takes a back burner—what is "me-time" anyway?  I don’t know if that makes me deserving of a Mommy Make Over lol, but it would be a nice surprise!  Thanks for your consideration! -Rachel

Mommy #2 Candis

Hi, my name is Candis Kirby and I am submitting my photo & a “daily struggle” to you!  This is me and my twins who are two now!  Bath time, while daddy is working on the road, is sometimes my biggest challenge believe it or not!  Two slippery boys can make for a BIG mess & a very wet bathroom floor!  There is little time for me now.  A makeover would be great—help!

Candis Kirby.jpg
Mommy #3 Kourtnie

I am mommy to Daisy Lee who is three years old.  I also have custody of Mikiah and Peyton who are eight-year-old twins—their mother is in prison going on 3 years now.  I am a young single mother who tries my best to provide for these beautiful girls. I haven’t had my “me time” in years.  I put my children first, which means I have not gotten my hair or makeup done in years. Between their schooling and sports, I stay busy.  I would love to win a makeover!  I believe this opportunity would help give me my self-confidence back, and would be a great chance to feel beautiful again. 

Kourtnie Rawlins.jpeg
Mommy #4  Kathy

OK, I'm the original Super Mom.  I have been married for 39 years, gave birth to 7 children (6 born at home) and we adopted 3.  I've worked hard all my life, went to school (getting a Masters in Counseling) and raised these kids.  We did without a lot so the kids could have something.  I'm 66, still working, still loving my children.  Hello!

Mommy #5  Shara

Hi, my name is Shara.  I turned 50 this year (yikes).  My life has been hectic as of late.  My mom Passed away two days before my birthday.  Then we went into quarantine.  I’ve been divorced for ten years and now raising my last daughter who is still at home.   I have led a busy lifestyle with her activities—but now she has her license!  Now, what do I do with myself?  Maybe some Me-Time would be great for a change?

Please feel free to pitch in and help a girl out!

Shara Weiss.JPG
Mommy #6  Stephanie

I have been a stay-at-home mom of six for twenty-one years, and my youngest will finally start kindergarten in the fall. Hooray!!!!  I love my family with everything I have, and I give them everything I have.  I made the decision recently that it was time to do something for myself, and I lost sixty pounds.  My family supported me and cheered me on the whole way!  As I am in my early forties, and with the weight loss, I want to continue to look and feel my best. Thank you for considering me—please don't make me beg!!

Stephanie Felker.jpeg
Mommy #7  Shannon

I want to enter my mother-in-law who not only treats me as her own but takes care of my children so wonderfully.  She never has the time to take care of herself and we just want to show her that she is important also! My girls and I hope that you can help Mawmaw feel special for just one special day!

Shannon Pierce.jpeg
Mommy #8  Nicole

2020 has been a ROUGH year and it shows! My SUPER stressful job (which included COVID procedure implementation and management for 300 people, two significant vehicle incidents, a recordable injury and so much more) has caused many sleepless nights, anxiety, frustration, depression and a 20 lb weight gain. I’m in desperate need of some TLC and self-love!

Nicole Moonier.jpeg
Mommy #9  Kelly

In 2020 I turned 50, celebrated 30 years of marriage.  I am a daughter, wife, mother of 2 adult children, and grandmother aka Mawmaw to 4 grandchildren soon to be 5.  I work full-time as an "essential" employee with the State of Missouri Department Of Mental Health.  As far as why I would deserve to win over any other there is no reason why I would deserve it any more than any other mom.  I mean to say, my life is busy is an understatement then again whose life isn't??  And what Mom wouldn't love to have a makeover.  So why not :) PICK ME PICK ME

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