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573 Fall Fashion Model Search

Fall is a wonderful time of year for so many reasons. Bringing the warm feelings of togetherness and nostalgia as we prepare for harvest time and gathering with family & friends for the holiday season. And as much as I love seeing my family, there's only one thing that's more exciting than seeing them all at a grand Holiday feast...finding that perfect outfit to make an epic year end debut!

Rich warm colors of yellow ochre, crimson...

As the natural world changes its foliage from green to bright bold blasts of reds, oranges, and yellows, the fashion world tends to follow suit. Rich warm colors of yellow ochre, crimson, van dike brown, harvest gold and burnt Sienna are already lining the shelves of all the top area boutiques, and we couldn't be happier!

Feeling nostalgic ourselves and ready to dive into the threads and colors of Autumn, 573 Magazine has already begun planning their next fashion shoot. But before we jump right into that, how bout a quick trip down 573 Fashion Memory Lane...

Back in May of 2015...

573 had the honor of working with some very memorable models on a very fun 2-part Fashion shoot. In Cape Girardeau we met up with Kylie Mitchelle and her new husband, Josh, downtown by The Clock for an amazing shoot with Cape's historically famous vintage centerpiece on Main Street.

Josh & Kylie Mitchelle - Just Everyday People In Love...

And on a ranch near Farmington we spent the day with Paige Gallagher and Emma Petty as they photographed horses and strutted their stuff in Ophelia's Spring Fashion Selection.

...give us a shout out!

We had an awesome time with everyone and would love to reconnect to see how they're all doing and where they are now. So ladies, if you're reading this, give us a shout out!

We originally found our models after posting on social media as we often do, and now we're headed back to do it again! But the May 2015 models are not the only search we're on...

573 Magazine is teaming up with Ophelia's once again, this time featuring her amazing Fall Selection. We will be hiking to the top of Mt. Hughs for one of our most breathtaking Fashion shoots ever. There will be a collection of beautiful trendy clothes to showcase, and an expert stylist on site to do hair & make up. We're only missing one thing...YOU!

573 Magazine wants YOU!

That's right! 573 Magazine wants YOU! We are looking for fresh 573 faces for our next Fashion Adventure. Interested? Send your picture and a short bio to and you could be featured in 573 Magazine's next Fall Fashion Editorial!

Until then 573, be happy, be healthy, be well...and be fast, this offer won't be here long!


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