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573 Magazine's Mother of all Mommy Makeovers

That's right! The 573 Mommy Makeover Contest is back and better than ever!

2020 has been one crazy year! With the quarantine trapping kids at home, tensions running high, and basic necessities running low...we knew we needed to really up our game this year and do something extra special to honor those on the frontline who have really been overlooked and under appreciated throughout this whole crazy thing...Mom.

Woman grabs her hair up in frustration. Top of picture shows her in a T shirt, dirty hair, struggling. Bottom of picture has her in an evening gown
CLICK HERE! To enter the 573 Mommy Makeover Contest 2020 sponsored by Show Me Younger Med Spa!

Of course, Mom is pretty used to that whole under appreciated overlooked state. Self sacrifice, often without rewards is kinda her bag, which is precisely why we here at 573 Magazine try our best to go above and beyond to make sure we honor Mom and all her amazing work every year by giving her a magnificent makeover and a memorable night on the town...for FREE. And this year, we've put together the Mother of all Mommy Makeovers!

Meet the Official Sponsor of 573 Mommy Makeover Contest 2020...

Show Me Younger in Farmington, MO is a medical spa that aims to make you look and feel your best using top of the line Fotona laser technology.

Completely non-invasive but highly effective, the Fotona is a multi-use laser that uses two wavelengths of light, the Nd:YAG and erbium:YAG; so it can do anything from hair removal/growth to treating unsightly veins to tightening skin & everything in between! There are also other unique aspects of this laser such as its use for problems with snoring, acne treatment, body tightening, face tightening, correcting dark under-eye circles, sexual rejuvenation and skin resurfacing!

Show Me Younger also has an impressive array of top of line health and beauty products to help keep you looking and feeling great!

On top of an AMAZING Makeover by Show Me Younger Med Spa, the top Mommy Contestant will also receive a romantic dinner for 2, an overnight stay at the Loft, and a massage at Massage & Skin Works in Farmington MO!

Best of all, the winning Mom will be featured in a story in 573 Magazine! Telling her story, highlighting her accomplishments, and letting her shine like the super star she is!

The Sponsors have really brought it this year and now all we need is to find an Amazing Mommy who powered through 2020 for her family like a champ and deserves this ultimate 573 Mommy Makeover...that's where you come in...

Are you a busy Super Mom who desperately needs a break? Or maybe you know a Super Mom and want to show her how much you notice and appreciate all that she does for others. To enter yourself or any Mom you know in the 573 Mommy Makeover 2020 Contest sponsored by Show Me Younger Med Spa in Farmington, simply fill out the Official 573 Mommy Makeover 2020 Registration Form and email Mom's name and her best Mommy picture to

Remember, you gotta enter to win. So register today and to quote what seems to be the official 2020 slogan..."May the odds be ever in your favor!"


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