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A Little Taste of Tokyo

This may be hard to believe, but in the last year, a record number of new businesses have popped up here in the 573 area. That's right, somehow, amidst the 2020 chaos, an anomalous amount of new local must-try destinations have emerged. Restaurants, boutiques, entertainment venues, and so much more. If you’re an avid reader of 573 Magazine, you’ve probably already guessed which new places I’m most excited about. people and great food...

Any 573 super fan knows that anything to do with cool people and great food has my full attention, and among those new exciting (and mouth-watering) destinations here in the 573 is a small Japanese restaurant located in Jackson, Missouri, that has me focused to the point of obsession!

well worth the wait!

Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse opened its doors January 27th of 2021. Already becoming quite popular with the locals, Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse has been known to be packed with a line forming outside on the weekends. And for good reason.

Today I had the pleasure of introducing Tokyo to the 573 team, something I’ve been dying to do since they opened, and they all agreed, it was well worth the wait!

Thank you Ivy! You're amazing!

A true expert in hospitality, Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse manager, Ivy Huang, greeted us at the door, and began bringing out our already prepared spread the moment we were seated. I’ve been to this restaurant a mere three times since its opening, yet Ivy already had all my favorites memorized, and had the kitchen prepare them for our visit. A wonderful surprise and a great kindness I would like to personally express my gratitude for. Thank you Ivy! You're amazing!

Our first dish is a pretty common favorite in this area, Crab Rangoon. What’s not so common about it is Tokyo’s amazing recipe. Many places in the area with this very popular appetizer on their menus have, over the years, taken the crab out of the Rangoon and are simply serving sweet cream cheese filled wontons, but not Tokyo. Pulling it apart, you can see the tender shredded pieces of the beautiful red crab meat mixed into the creamy filling. Wrapped in a homemade wonton and fried to perfection with crispy golden edges and a nice, full, soft, very flavorful middle, that’s not only creamy and sweet, but hearty as well. This is exactly how Crab Rangoon is supposed to taste. Phenomenal!

Next up was the Dumplings. Packed with onions, cabbage, and juicy spiced pork sausage, this mouth-watering appetizer, served with a sesame based dumpling sauce had us coming back for more. Before we knew it, they were gone, but not before the next dish was out.

…Omg... it’s so’s the kind of food that makes you make those yummy sounds out loud.

The aptly named Superman Roll was a hit before it hit the table. My absolute favorite sushi roll here at Tokyo, and something that is always added on to any dine in or take out order anyone in my family places, the Superman Roll is my secret hero. Getting the kids (or the husband for that matter) to try new and “unusual” (AKA culturally different) foods is like pulling alligator teeth sometimes. As you can imagine, they weren’t too excited about tasting “fish that not even cooked”. The Superman Roll turned that around.

a wonderfully harmonious medley of flavors.

Not looking like your typical sushi roll, the Superman is briefly deep fried to lightly crisp an outer layer of breading, giving it the clever disguise of “fried food”. Stuffed with crab, shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese, and drizzled with eel sauce and a contrasting yet complimenting spicy mayo which intermingles in the most lovely way...the eel sauce, having a very sweet, pleasant, light taste, and the spicy mayo of course adds just a touch of heat, just enough to balance it out and bring it all together. It’s just a wonderfully harmonious medley of flavors. This beautiful, and absolutely delicious sushi roll broke every notion my family thought they had about it, and is now a household favorite. Confession: This dish may not have made it to the rest of the 573 team for sampling...

...a beautiful utopia of flavorful spices...

Last, but not least, was the Steak and Chicken Hibachi. I love Tokyo’s hibachi selections, but the steak is my favorite. Today the steak was cooked slightly more well done than I normally request, which is, what my father colorfully refers to as, a solid cold rare. That’s right, it’s gotta be a mooing, running for its life, kinda fresh and juicy to satisfy this carnivorous This steak was cooked to a medium-well, which is usually a great big no-no for a full-on fan of rare like me, but astonishingly enough, I still found it sensational! With a beautiful utopia of flavorful spices that highlights the natural tender juicy taste of an amazing quality sirloin, the steak stole the show with this dish. The chicken, not going down without a good fight, was tender and juicy and practically melts in your mouth. Served with a large array of hibachi veggies including broccoli, onions, carrots, mushrooms, baby corn, and zucchini and an abundance of fried rice, this richly fulfilling meal hits the spot every time, without hitting the wallet too hard.

"...The people here is very good people.”

Every time we come to Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse I’m impressed with not only the quality and quantity of food you get for what little you pay, but also the high quality of service. The feeling that this place is just as happy to have you as you are to be there. After talking more with Ivy, I discovered, that’s not just a feeling, that happiness and gratitude that you can feel when you walk through the doors is a very real aura that radiates from Tokyo’s amazing staff.

“I think the people is really nice here, and everyone’s really patient. They sometimes have to wait for the service when we are busy. But they just wait for a couple minutes at the front. Last Saturday was very busy and a lot of people have no seat and they stand up at the front, and wait for me to clean the tables and that. The people here is very good people.”

In perfect harmony with it’s new home, Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse in Jackson seems to be a wonderful fit. A very good eatery, for a very good people. If you haven’t yet, be sure to get out to Jackson to sample the wide assortment of delectable menu items at Tokyo Sushi Steakhouse. I promise you’ll find something for everyone. Until then 573, be happy, be healthy, be well.


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