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A New You in 2022

Life is sometimes difficult, but it’s fair.  It’s just as hard for your neighbor as it is for you.  And for the most part we are exactly where we believe we should be. It truly is a “bittersweet symphony” of sorts.   Not sure where I heard that, but man it’s true. You spend your life trying to make ends meet, you think you have a handle on things and then quick as a wink, it’s time for a permanent dirt nap.

Maybe it’s time to take a different road. One that takes you to places outside the mold you have created for yourself.   Maybe it’s time to let a new melody play. One that can cleanse your mind and lift your spirit. One which will free your soul so you can become the person you are dying to be, instead of a person waiting to die.  It’s right about

now that old familar song starts playing in your head.  I can't change, I can't change, I can't change, I can't change no, no, no, no, no...

You can change your situation in life.  There is so much right in front of you.  Opportunities are spread out all around us just waiting for us to stop mourning and simply lift ourselves from that sunken sofa and get what we want.

You want a new job?  You want to get back to school? You want to lose 50 pounds? You want a new car? You want a vacation?  You want to turn your hobby into a business?  You can achieve anything in this country, but you have to turn your television off, stop wasting all your time on Facebook and start moving again.  And when the negativity ballet in your head starts up with all the reasons why you can’t do it, just smile and do it anyway.  

Get up.  Get out there.  You can do it.  Keep telling yourself you can do it.  Soon a new tune will begin playing in your head. I’m becoming the person I want to be.


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