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A New Beat at JStreet Eats

There's an old saying. All good things must come to an end. But that's not true. Good things don't simply end…they evolve. They change, adapt, and survive by ending one way of being and beginning a new one. A delicious transition.

Jackson Street BrewCo, a micro-brewery in Perryville, has moved the fermentation to another location and is spreading its new temptation as JStreet Eats.

Decorated with bright neon colors, 80s & 90s music videos playing on multiple screens, and the clothes and makeup of the energetic and attentive wait staff…it was like being back at the arcade, the mall, and a pizza joint all at once—hosted by serial entrepreneur Carisa Stark.

A beautiful woman smiles in her hip new restaurant and toasts with a beer

"I’m Carisa Stark, owner of the all new, groovy JStreet Eats in Perryville. Jackson Street BrewCo has been open for seven years. The Brewery outgrew the location and now we are brewing our beers off-premise. So it was a good time to do a fresh update and rebrand to JStreet Eats. We changed the name to explain that we focus on the food now, but we still got the beer!

An eclectic restaurant decor displays vintage plush seating and a bright graffiti mural on a black industrial wall
...bright neon accents, 80s & 90s music videos playing on multiple screens...
five different colored beers in five different styled glasses drip with foam onto a wooden table in front of an antique phone booth

Here we have a few popular favorites. From left to right we have Munich Dunkel, Java Porter, Wit Beer, Right Brown, and Elysian Spacedust. The flavor and quality of our brews are still unmatched!

two chefs prepare pizza pies for the wood fire in the large brick oven  behind them

A classic pin-up picture on a counter top next to an arcade game quotes, "better late than ugly."
They still have the sas!

We've always done woodfire pizzas, but we decided to introduce some sandwiches for our new menu. We now have some really awesome hoagies. We decided to expand our snacks menu as well, so we got some really great appetizers. It's fun, shareable item stuff, great for coming out with your girlfriends, getting together with the guys after work, or taking the family out for fun. We're bringing the whole family in!

A chef pulls a beautiful pizza from a brick oven's wood fire  with a large wooden spatula
Wood fired pizzas are crispy and smoky tasting. Emmmm.
Advertisement for Hoods Discount Home Center.  A beautifully remodeled kitchen with sunlight streaming in displays a mixed style of classic and contemporary

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We've always had a very industrial look because we are in a building built in the early 1900s, so there's a lot of metal, wood, old bank vaults, and exposed brick…but we wanted to soften it a little bit. So we brighten things up, add really beautiful gold paint and some fun murals… I'm very eclectic, I have a different style, so it's a little bit of everything, but I hope it all cohesively comes together, and I hope I can share that nostalgic vibe.

An antique British phone booth surrounded by eclectic decor, graffiti murals, tv's playing MTV type music videos from 80's and 90's, and lots of tables and chairs
An old telephone booth makes the perfect online order station.

We've always been an attraction to families because of our games and family friendly menu. So we're still seeing those families, but we're also seeing a lot more friend groups and date-night couples. The new look has an instant nostalgia, and the energy is so much higher. We also added some outdoor seating that will be available from April to October. The music is uplifting, the atmosphere is fun… you know, we like our music a little louder.”

Large loaded pizza with parmesan and red pepper shakers, a side salad, and a frosty beer with foam sliding down the glass

The All Day 'er Day pizza is the ultimate late-night munchie-craving snack. With chunks of ham, pieces of sausage, caramelized onion, minced garlic, bell peppers, and a beautifully sweet, just wonderful red sauce covered in mozzarella cheese…it is absolutely delicious! Served with a house, it will crush any killer craving.

A huge plate of loaded nachos with peppers, salsa, sour cream, white queso, and a couple of frosty beers

The Macho Nachos are a party in the mouth! Crazy creamy queso, excitingly delicious salsa, barbacoa beef (slow roasted choice beef), wood smoked chicken, all existing in perfect harmony and smothered in huge chunky jalapeños with sour cream and chives. The dish was so big it could feed an entire family!

A large sub sandwich loaded with peppers, sausage and other ingredients on a plate with BBQ chips served with a frosty beer with foam dripping down the glass

The Spicoli pizza sub is like eating a supreme pizza all wrapped up in a toasted hoagie pocket. Pepperoni, sausage, banana peppers, olives, mozzarella cheese, and that wonderful sweet red sauce all on a toasted hoagie bun…Superb. Served with OG barbecue cheddar rap snacks from icon Snoop Dogg.

A large pizza with peppers chicken and a white sauce, one piece has been taken and set on top, glasses of cold beer drip foam on the table

The Ricky Bobby pizza comes with a nice creamy white cheese sauce topped with mozzarella, roasted chicken, jalapeños, the Ricky Bobby drizzle (a JStreet Eats top secret recipe), and fried onions. Satisfyingly different, it really pops the taste buds awake. It's strangely relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

glossy BBQ wings are stacked on a silver tray with ranch dipping sauce a a half gone still cold beer

The Wood Fire Wings are absolutely delicious! So tender and juicy, like all of the meats we see come out of Carisa's establishments, like Mary Jane Burgers & Brew and Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse in Cape. The Tangy Carolina sauce is sweet and finger-licking good, making the wings delightful. But it's also amazing with the buttermilk ranch served with it…a perfect compliment for the palette.

A warm brownie in a silver dish melts the vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce on top

The Brownie à la Mode is a melt-in-your-mouth blessing from heaven. It takes you to a whole other world! One taste lasts forever, holding your entire being in sweet suspended bliss. It just keeps getting better and better with each bite. The only words to accurately describe the feeling are intoxicatingly delectable euphoria.

A beautiful woman sets confidently in her new restaurant as an enthusiastic assistant smiles broadly and lights her for the picture
Carisa Stark, The Queen of Beers!

JStreet Eats in Perryville gets an enthusiastic 5 stars from the 573 Magazine team and a standing ovation (which is easier said than done after that fantastic meal!). Check out the cool new look and the awesome new menu at JStreet Eats next time you GET OUT THERE!

words by aj koehler

pics by t smugala

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