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Affordable Luxury

What Is Luxury? Is it Affordable?

A luxury item is not necessarily something that you can’t live without, but it is something that’s highly desirable by the individual. Normally, demand for luxury goods increases when a person's wealth or income increases. Typically, the greater the percentage increase in income, the greater the percentage increase in luxury item purchases.

Since luxury goods are normally super expensive, wealthy people are seen as disproportionately consumers of luxury goods. Those who are not super wealthy don't usually buy luxury goods since a greater percentage of their income goes to need-based things like food, gas, rent... But just because you can’t afford a luxury item doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to have them.

...the most quality products at the best cost.

As someone who loves to use my hard earned money wisely, I am always looking for the most quality products at the best cost. As much as the big brands advertise quality products at low prices, I am, like you, in most cases, disappointed by their claims of great products at great prices with great service. That is simply impossible.

high quality products at low prices for real

As a marketing professional, I know that in order to make a profit, a business can only provide two of the three branding elements of price, quality, service. But there is one place that has a slightly different twist on the idea with high quality luxury at affordable prices. If you can overlook the need for a fancy showroom, then you can get high quality products at low prices for real—at Hoods.

We met up with store manager Jason to give us the low down on the high quality products at Hoods. They call it Affordable Luxury.


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