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Mixing Things Up

In 2014 is it even possible to have too much of anything? It it possible to have too many tattoos, or wear too many necklaces, or have too many vintage dresses hanging in your closet? Moreover, is it poor taste to mix tattoos with evening dresses, or gold with copper, or copper and silver, or old with new?

“Today is sooo boring, I am going to mix it up and do something different.”

According to to “mix it up” is to add a difference to anything you are doing, as in, “Today is sooo boring, I am going to mix it up and do something different.” It seems mixing things up is the latest trend in fashion, too. The mixing of metals like gold, copper, silver, brass… all piled on, definitely mixes things up in the fashion world. So, in the sprint of mixing it up, we decided we would find a few people who are experts at it. This mixed bag of young entrepreneurs are very good at what they do. They show no signs of slowing down this mixed-up trend. After all, more is better and variety is the spice of life, right? Can you have too many tattoos? Can you have too many vintage dresses? Can you wear too many necklaces? I don’t know, but we’re going to find out from these people in the know: Kendra Harris, owner of Jayson Jewelers; Laurie Everett owner of Annie Lauries Antiques; and Chelsea Wilson, mother, student and owner of some tattoos.

Kendra Harris, Jason Jewelers:

I was born and raised in Cape Girardeau and in the jewelry business. My mother started our business when I was six years old. We’ll celebrate 30 years in business this summer. I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with my BS in Business Admininistration. I then moved to California, where I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with my Graduate Gemology degree (G.G.). I still have a lot to learn about the jewelry business and don’t consider myself an expert, but I do have about 17 years of experience under my belt.

The neat thing about this business is that we can “hand select” every item...

One thing that I have always felt fortunate about was that my mother expects us to learn as much as we can in regards to the jewelry industry. She has always encouraged us to just go for it! We travel to jewelry shows throughout the year and attend education seminars to learn not only about business but about trends, market news, new products and manufacturing. We’ve been able to travel to Antwerp, Belgium, many times to buy directly from our diamond suppliers. During those trips, we have met lots of influential people and made nice relationships. We’ve been invited to cutting factories and manufacturing facilities to understand the process of production and the channel in which things go through from start to finish. We’ve been to Germany to buy colored stones directly from suppliers and visit mines in which they are found/formed.

MIX IT UP! ...Be creative. Go for it!

The neat thing about this business is that we can “hand select” every item that we offer in the store to sell. We have access to lots of products and lots of resources that allows us to service our customers on so many levels. Gold is trending this year! We have seen an increase in products that are yellow/gold in color over the last couple of years. One of the items that we fell in love with is the 1AR Line featured in the photo shoot. It’s a brass line that is gold plated and sealed with a scratch resistant finish. This product is manufactured in a high end gold factory, using the same designs as their traditional gold product but without the price tag of gold. The 1AR product starts at about $75. You’ll notice gold with texture, heavy links, tassels and open work in the next year. Rose gold is also an up-and-coming contender. You’ll notice that metals of all color are showing up in fine jewelry. Items with mixed colors: white with yellow, rose gold with white, and black rhodium accented with all three colors.Copper is added to yellow gold as an “alloy” to give it that Rose/Pink color. So why won’t this Rose gold turn your finger green? Because in general the alloy used in the gold mixture isn’t concentrated enough to make that chemical reaction to the skin. So “MIX IT UP!” Mix those metal colors. Be creative. Go for it!

It’s awesome to know that I have a piece of art on my body that no one else will ever own.

Our model, Chelsie Wilson:

I’m a single mother and student of psychology at SEMO. I’m a senior, and I’m involved in the McNair Scholars Program. I love music more than most things in life. I have tattoos because I really enjoy all art forms, and it’s definitely art. It’s an honor to wear something on my body each and every day that I know someone put his/her heart and soul into. The guys and girls at A Different Drummer Tattoo (Cape Girardeau) have pretty much become like family to me. Corey Bedwell and I actually pretty much shared a backyard from the time I was five-years-old and on through my childhood and adolescence. He did the only original piece I have. It’s awesome to know that I have a piece of art on my body that no one else will ever own. Everyone has been so wonderful, and I’m so honored to wear their work. After I graduate in December, I plan on going on to graduate school for clinical psychology. I am currently looking into about three different programs. I eventually want to earn my PhD, but I’m going to take care of one thing at a time.


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