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Singing in The Rain

Spring is finally here! I love spring. It’s the season of new hope and rebirth. It inspires love, joy, and creativity. With Spring comes new friends, new habits, new life...and a whole lot of rain. There’s a lot of mixed feelings about the rain, but there’s something special about those light spring pop ups that bring a kind of energy and joy you have to put into motion. It reminds me of the classic musical Singing in the Rain.

Here in the 573 we’re feeling and seeing that energy everywhere with the explosion of new plants budding to life, new fashions filling the shelves, and new local stars on the rise.

...browse the spring selections and play in the rain!

In an effort to capture as much of this Spring Fling of Fashion and Things as we possibly can, 573 Magazine ventured down to the boutiques in Cape Girardeau with a few new friends to browse the spring selections and play in the rain!

Red peasant crop-top by Lush from Stash Boutique

White canvas high-waisted shorts by Lush from Stash Boutique

Kenneth Cole Reaction red trench from Just Kidding

Meet our Models


Sienna is a young local performance artist. Acting, singing and dancing since she was very young, Sienna has been graciously lending her remarkable talents to local productions here in the 573 for more than 5 years. Taking lead and supporting roles in multiple projects both on stage and screen, including Annie, Bring It On, All Nite Skate, and a locally-shot feature-length thriller still currently in production, Sienna is well on her way to building a very impressive career.

573: Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Sienna. I am 14 years old and I’m in 8th grade.

I started acting around the age of 9 when I was part of the River Campus production of The King and I. Besides acting, I sing, dance, play the ukulele, and I play a little guitar and piano.

Red plaid off the shoulder crop top by Blue Blush from Mother Earth - $8.50

Gloria Vanderbilt for Murjami cut-off jean shorts from Mother Earth - $19.50

I do karaoke a lot with my friends. I’ll sing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, or some slower songs maybe like Billie Eilish, or Sizza. I love Sizza.

2020 was a bit of a challenge in the acting and modeling world, but I was fortunate to participate in a few things. This past summer I was part of The River Campus production of Bring It On. I was able to work with local photographer Stacey Thompson. I was also part of a big local movie with Motion Dog Films and starred in a music video for artist, Lexi Street.

Vintage Aztec print sequined mini-skirt by Express from Mother Earth - $10

Poof New York turquoise bralette from Wish Boutique- $26

Trina Turk hot-pink trench from Aesthete Luxury Boutique

Unicorn Umbrella by The San Francisco Umbrella Company from Wish Boutique

Cole Haan leather stacks from Aesthete Boutique

573: Tell us about your experience on set with Motion Dog Films.

Oh, the Lexi Street music video was so much fun! There was water everywhere and I got to splash in all the puddles. I’ve never done anything like it, so it was really a new experience for me, and Motion Dog Films was very helpful leading me through. It was lots of fun, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Vintage Aqua Sheen green and navy reversible rain slicker from Annie Laurie's - $18

I did a couple scenes in their latest thriller too. I love acting, so it was lots of fun for me, and I knew some of the people who were acting with me so that was cool. I got to play a bully, so that’s kind of the chance to play a new kind of role, step outside the norm, and play something you’re not, or, I hope I’m not a bully. Lol. But yeah, it was great, the crew was really helpful and I had lots of fun.

573: Tell us about your experience modeling for 573.

Oh, it was LOTS of fun! It was a really creative idea and I had lots of fun working with 573. And it was a great learning experience, getting to work with Tom & AJ.

Periwinkle sequin long-sleeve backless mini-dress from Aesthete Boutique

Gold Trench from Aesthete Boutique

Cole Haan Stacks from Aesthete Boutique

Polka-dot umbrella from Aesthete Boutique

Vintage clear rubber purse with gold chain strap from Stash Boutique - ON SALE! $19

573: What are your favorite things about Spring?

I really love how it changes to warm weather, the flowers are blooming, and it’s like there’s this big anticipation of waiting for school to get out, for summer to start. Spring is lots of fun.

Lime tulle ball gown with yellow sash & jewel encrusted bodice from Pastimes Antiques

Clear umbrella with yellow trim detailed with silk daisies from Annie Laurie's - $8

Vintage emerald rubber purse with gold chain strap from Stash Boutique - $12

French Kande Fleur-de-lis pearl necklace from Wish Boutique

French Kande pearl necklace with large Fleur-de-lis amulet from Wish Boutique


Ava is a young local budding talent. New to acting and modeling, Ava has exploded onto the scene of local artists in her debut role from the latest feature-length film from independent film production company, Motion Dog Films. Playing the lead in this locally-shot thriller, this new rising star is quickly becoming a 573 sensation and is sure to be turning lots of heads in her near future.

573: Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ava. I am 11 years old and I’m in 5th grade, going into 6th.

I play ukulele. I’ve been taking lessons for a year and a half and I’m getting pretty good at it.

I like sports. Right now I play basketball and volleyball, but I’ve also played baseball, and tennis. I would love to play football, but there’s still no girls’ team here yet.

Vintage AJ Bari aqua-marine mini-dress from Pastimes Antiques

INC red snake-skin heels from Aesthete Boutique - ON SALE! $28

Packed Party compact confetti filled clear umbrella from Blackbird Gift - $24.99

She & Sky navy tie-dye crop top from Blackbird Gift

She & Sky navy tie-dye leggings from Blackbird Gift

Silver glitter Vans boat shoes from Aesthete Boutique - ON SALE! $28

Consuela turquoise leopard print tote from Aesthete Boutique

573: Tell us about your experience on set with Motion Dog Films.

It’s definitely been fun playing the lead in a thriller. It’s been really fun getting to hang out with the directors and stuff. It’s kind of hard sometimes, because I’ve never done a movie before, but I’d say it’s been a really good experience.

Electric blue trench by Susan Graver from Aesthete Boutique - $32

Vintage sunshine yellow Hailey Logan mini-dress by Adrianna Papell from Pastimes Antiques

Fashion Nova electric blue stilettos with rhinestone encrusted heels and toes from Aesthete Boutique - $21

Working on a film definitely changed how I watch movies now because I know what goes on, like behind the scenes. I really didn’t know what to expect from it, but I don’t really think it was much different from what I imagined it would be. I would definitely do it again. Whenever I think about what I wanna be when I’m grown, like an adult, it’s always like acting or something like in film, like a director, or something like that.

Entro backless copper dress with gold stars from Blackbird Gift - ON SALE! $29

Blue Gem amber sunglasses with peach frames from Blackbird Gift - $22.50

Dolce Vita white leather stacks with gold accent from Aesthete Boutique - ON SALE! $10

573: Tell us about your experience modeling for 573.

I really liked being a part of 573 Magazine’s Spring Fashion Shoot. It’s fun to get all dressed up and get make up and stuff done. Doing the poses in front of the camera, I just find it fun, I don’t know why.

Dolce Vita tan leather stacks with gold accent from Aesthete Boutique - ON SALE! $10

Dress no longer available

573: What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

How much it rains. I like rain. It’s calming.

Styling by AJ Koehler

Special 573 Thank You To:

Annie Laurie's


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