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So what’s the BIG DEAL?

Okay, in this crazy “Run and Hide, Here Comes The Virus” world, I have accomplished several tasks at my home and workplace. I’ve been spending my time on construction and maintenance. So that means I need lots of materials: nails, caulk, lumber, plumbing parts, sinks, flooring, I’m off to my favorite place around, Hoods Discount Store.

Hoods is an enigma, and you need to hear what’s happening there.

573 Magazine rarely does stories on retail businesses, but during self-quarantine I have really come to appreciate Hoods. It’s not just the 15% to 50% discounts that keeps me coming back to Hoods—it’s the quality and service they give to every customer. Now before you start thinking, this is just a big fat ad for the joint, hear me out. Hoods is an enigma, and you need to hear what’s happening there.

First, the wide-open floor plan is surprisingly specialized for a discount store. The inventory is sorted into a few general categories: flooring, kitchen, and bath. There are aisles and aisles stocked with a wide selection of flooring and ceramic tile at incredibly low prices. Hoods has everything you need for your DIY projects: natural stone, synthetic stones, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, and carpet. I like to DIY everything I touch, and the variety of products allows me to make each of my projects unique. I’ll never run out of possibilities for home improvement at Hoods!

And I haven’t even begun to tell you about the bathroom department. There are hundreds of different styles of sinks, tubs, faucets, countertops, and cabinets. Hoods displays these products in the showroom so you can visualize your bathroom as you design it. Once you’ve made your selection, Hoods will special order your items at much lower prices than the mega home stores. With Hoods’ customer service and wide array of bathroom fixtures, you can build a bathroom that specifically caters to your needs and style, all at a reasonable price.

Store Manager Jason Buchanan helps a customer with custom designed all-hardwood kitchen cabinets. The Hoods Kitchen Cabinet department is the BIGGEST DEAL at Hoods. Before you buy cabinets, do yourself a favor...

But the big deal at Hoods is the kitchen and design department. Hoods designs all of its own hardwood kitchen cabinets. The process is simple. You sit down with a trained Hoods design specialist and custom order new cherry, oak, or walnut cabinets. While you go back to planning your dream kitchen, Hoods tops off your new cabinets in their custom countertop woodshop. That’s right, your countertop and cabinets are custom cut right at Hoods. That is so cool! With custom-made cabinets and countertops, your kitchen will be unique, stylish, affordable.

Modern design ceramic tiles out the "you know what!"

You are reading that price right. $1.99 per square foot. Quality flooring at the most incredible prices. And 100% waterproof!

How about ceramic tiles that look just like aged wood? Very cool!
Hoods specializes in custom fitted countertops.
All countertops are custom made to order "on site" at Hoods. Russell Briggs, seen here using computer generated templates to ensure a perfect fit in you kitchen or bath.

Now I warn you—Hoods Discount Store is a genuine discount warehouse. There are no frills, definitely no fancy bathrooms, and you can't eat off the floors. But what they save in unnecessary ruffles and ornamentation, they make up in high-quality products at low prices. By far, the biggest deal at Hoods is their stellar customer service.

Janie Kell and Amber James always have a friendly smile at checkout. The front desk is one of my most favorite things about Hoods! They know their stuff and are fast on the draw with direct radio contact with all Hoods employees. It is the fastest customer service anywhere that I know.

Every single Hoods employee I passed stopped and asked me if I needed help finding something. They extend this hospitality to every customer that enters the store. Even though Hoods cuts down on homeware costs, it knows that customer service is priceless.

On the floor, all employees are knowledgable and super helpful. Noah Vinson is happy to do your heavy lifting out to your car.

Custom door shop manager for 30 years, Krsto Morovic, still loves his job at Hoods.

Store manager Jason Buchanan leads by example—customer service is HOODS.

There is simply no replacement for great customer service and face-to-face interaction. Hoods can help you find high-quality products at low prices for your next DIY home project. Even after checkout, they’ll assist you by loading your purchases into your car. Now that’s a good deal!

pics and words - t. smugala

This is sponsored information:

Hoods isn’t your typical home improvement store.

They may be old-fashioned, but you need to experience their in-store shopping adventure at Hoods has so much to offer. To really make the most of Hoods, you need to stop by to browse the wide selection of home improvement wares. You’ll find something new and exciting each time you come by.

As for quality, Hoods carries several of the brand names you see at the big box stores. Some of our best deals are rescued from closeout and overrun sales. They even carry discontinued and one-of-a-kind items from these high-quality, trusted brands. These tremendous deals arrive on a daily basis.


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