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Spring Cleaning

I've always thought that the New Year should start in Spring instead of January since the Spring is the time of year I always seem to focus on self-analysis and resolutions.  

Spring is a time of possibilities and change.  Business-wise, many companies are busy launching new promotional ideas or beginning new expansions.  Nature-wise, trees change from sticks to lush green; you can't help but feel excitement in the air.  From Spring festivals and parades, to wineries and music, to outdoor sporting events—the Spring brings out great entertainment opportunities.  Spring hiking in the 573 is the best in the world, hands down.  Our Ozark Trails come to life in the spring like no other place on earth.  Parks like Elephant Rocks, Trail of Tears, and Pickle Springs are some of the best.  To be out in the fresh air surrounded by all the beautiful trees, the beautiful unpolluted skies, the crystal clear streams, the colorful rocks... makes me want to be a better person and be more thankful for all I've been given in life. 

If I get a chance, I’ll wonder out somewhere deep in a forest to take a look at myself and try to figure out where I'm headed and what I really want.  No distractions, no Internet, no deadlines, no obligations...  just me, the forest, and my thoughts.   It will be my road less traveled.   I'll take the time to remember old friends.   I'll take the time to make a few plans.  I'll take the time to make a few resolutions.  I guess the Spring is a yearly therapy session for me — a time to remember all the opportunities that I sometimes take for granted; and a time to be thankful for family and friends.


Our wish from all of us at the 573 Magazine to you is this:  get out there and enjoy the beautiful gifts right in front of you.  I guarantee it will make your day a whole lot brighter.



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