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Spring Has Sprung

Spring: the time of year, when people’s hearts turn to thoughts of love, minds start to wander in fits of daydreaming and excitement takes hold.

Young girl in a beautiful gown leaps into the air as her hat falls to the floor

For centuries, these feelings have been described as an illness by poets, artists, and singers. Symptoms may include goosebumps, tingling on the back of the neck, racing heart, flushed cheeks, bursts of energy and a strong appetite for love.  The affliction I’m talking about is Spring fever, that wonderfully delicious disease to which we fall prey this time of year.  Spring Fever is the strangest of strange things. It has been blamed for irrational thoughts and distractions at work and in the classroom, as well as flights of fancy among the young and old.  

Most experts agree the body's reserves of serotonin, the happiness hormone whose production depends on daylight, get depleted over the long winter months. This makes it especially easy for melatonin, the sleep hormone, to take hold. Most mammals just give in to winter’s effects and hibernate.  Unfortunately, humans have obligations that force them to stay active during winter months. seems wonderful again...

With spring comes the onset of earlier morning light, and longer days causes the body to release large amounts of endorphins, testosterone, and estrogen.  Drowsiness and depression lift, weight is shed, and life seems wonderful again.  


After enduring a world of gray during the long winter months, spring attacks with a flood of vibrant color: food tastes better, the sky looks bluer, and people’s attitudes become more mellow.  It makes you just want to get out there and smell the tulips, literally.  

All these heightened senses can give way to unbridled passion and energy.  The chemistry of attraction rises proportionately with the temperatures, which may lead to love and even long-term relationships.  But proceed with caution and remind yourself that the passions of Spring Fever are but for a season. By doing so, Spring Fever will have no long-lasting ill effects.  


Young girl in evening gown with wildly curly hair under a vintage hat, portrait

My name is Izzy. I'm in 9th grade and I'm a cheerleader at Meadow Heights High School. I really love being in Cheer—it's so much fun! Coach Ratliff, Coach Leo and all the other cheerleaders are really amazing people. They're very honest so they'll tell you when you mess up, but they're also kind so they'll help you fix it. I'm also in band, choir, and gamer's club.

Young girl in ballroom gown and vintage hat twirls around with a far off dreamy look in her eye

I love art, whether it's painting, crafting, or performing! I'd really like to pursue film editing and acting as possible careers. I like film editing because it's a super cool art form, and it really helps me relax. It's also really fun putting a movie together like a puzzle. I like acting because it's really fun getting to meet new and interesting people. There's always free food, too...GOOD free food. LOL. I like food. LOL. My favorite is tacos.

My favorite thing about spring is gardening. I love planting flowers, potatoes and strawberries. I'm hoping to plant some blackberries this year. Yeah, I really like gardening...and spring break, of course! LOL.

Young girl in ball gown and vintage hat stands confidently alone in deserted room with her hands on her hips.

My perfect future would be me alone on an island with lots of food and a house with plumming and electricity. I'll have TV, video games, and YouTube. I like being alone sometimes. I enjoy the silence and getting to watch my anime without a bunch of questions.

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Words & Pics by T. Smugala

Styling & Make-up by AJ Koehler

Wardrobe & Location by Deb Maevers, Pastimes Antiques


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