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Recently, while shooting a new film in the area, we talked with Tamatha Crowson Tamatha is a fitness guru for her day job and an actor and stunt person in the movie.  She conducts fitness boot camps for women in Cape and also holds a fitness and cooking show online where she works with 25-50 people as they prepare healthy meals for the week—kinda like a health & wellness and food therapist.  Tamatha is a new-world renaissance woman and the newest 573 Superhero. 

Tamatha Crowson showing muscles in a red dress.
Tamatha Crowson on the movie set of THE SPRING—Actor and stuntwoman, and much, much more...

My name is Tamatha Crowson.  I am originally from Lake Ozark, MO, but I’ve lived in Cape, which I now consider my home, for the last ten years! I am a mother to Evan, 21, and his older brother, Blake, who tragically passed away in 2020 at the age of 18.  Evan and I miss him every single day.

573: Tell us about your Boot Camp

I am the director and trainer for the Boot Camp Challenge (BCC), which I started locally in January 2016.  BCC is a group fitness program that meets 3x/week, but it’s about so much more than workouts!  Nutrition is a significant aspect of the program. I also spend a lot of time working with my campers on mindset, motivation, self-love, confidence,  boundaries, and so much more. Everything is intertwined. In fact, I have a personal mission statement that goes: “I consider it my life’s mission to awaken the brave and courageous parts of people, encouraging them to do the scary thing so that they may realize that they are capable of more than they ever imagined.”

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Sometimes, we make a themed camp, a float trip, a potluck, or a community service project. It becomes more like a family than just people you work out with! The camps are run in four-week blocks, and a new one launches every five weeks. I’ve got some campers who have literally been coming to every camp for six or more years! There’s a wide range of fitness levels, sizes, and ages. A few are in their twenties, but the majority are in their late 30s or 40s, with plenty in their 50s—all the way up to 72 years old! 

Tamath Crowson showing her big muscles with a smile.
...mindset, motivation, self-love, confidence,  boundaries, and so much more.

For many of them, including myself, the realization has hit that fitness is not just a way to look better; it’s the difference between having a high-quality, independent life as we get older or dealing with chronic diseases and relying on others to take care of us. 

573: Tell us about the cooking show.

Vibrant Life for Women is an online health and fitness coaching program for women 50 and up.  We do one-on-one coaching, custom nutrition, and exercise plans, emphasizing helping the client develop self-love, self-compassion, and healthy boundaries.  

We also have virtual client groups where we have monthly challenges, host expert speakers, live yoga classes, strength training workshops, and Ladies’ Night; and each month, there’s a topic of the month in the group, and the coaches provide education on that topic all month. 

Tamatha Crowson at her home office workstation.
Tamatha at her in-home work station.
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Toast with avocado spread and topped with spinach

Every month, I also conduct a Meal Prep Workshop for our clients. I devise a menu and provide a list of ingredients needed. Then, we all meet via Zoom, and the clients cook along with me. They follow my instructions, and in an hour or less, they have 12-18 healthy meals ready to go! 

Steak, asparagus, tomato, and lettuce

Strawberries, blueberries, and oranges in snack cups.

Finally, I’m super excited because I have planned our first Vibrant Life client retreat to Colorado Springs! I’ll be taking 10 clients this July for four days of relaxation and restoration in a historic mansion with a private chef. You can’t beat that!

People dinning at wood table, and lifting their glass to cheers

573: Tell us about the film shoot.

I had a great time working on the set of The Spring!! I love to dress up, so of course, the costumes were right up my alley, but the best part was getting to meet and hang out with the other actors/characters - they are a super cool group of people - and I always love working with 573 and Motion Dog Films.

Candle lit masquerade dinner party with glasses lifted to cheers!

Portrait of Tamatha Crowson dressed for masquerade party.

You can learn more and join Tamatha’s Boot Camp here.

Get Out There!  Cook something.  Join something.  Do some stunts. Do something.  Do anything. What one person can do, another can do. That sunken sofa will be fine without you. 

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