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The Creepiest View

Although not completely accessible to the public, 573 Magazine got a sneak peek at the workings of the Missouri Mines State Park. It’s creepy, it’s rusted, but it’s very interesting. Somebody has to do it.

The rusted abandoned buildings and teetering platforms evoke so much emotion.

I’m sure every time you drive past the Missouri Mines State Park, you can’t help but notice how eerie they look. The rusted abandoned buildings and teetering platforms evoke so much emotion. It makes you wonder what workers saw and experienced. Pretty sure it must have been a hard job working there.

It’s big, it’s old, it’s rusted. But have you ever taken the time to visit it? It's just another example of an overlooked gem in the 573. The old rusted mine is a photographer’s dream come true. Just ask any of the many tourists you find snapping away at the park. The cool thing is, the view is ever-changing. As the sun moves across the sky a new spectacular view develops everywhere you look.

There are more than 1,000 miles of abandoned mine tunnels in the area, with 300 miles of underground railroad tracks rusting away underfoot. 108 years of continuous mining operations in this area - that’s a lot of history lying around.

The 19,000 square-foot mine-mill powerhouse has been developed into a large mining museum and an outstanding mineral collection. Trust me, people from outside the area think this is great. It's a good place to bring visiting friends.

If you are planning a visit to find your own inspiration, keep this in mind... June 12-14, 2022, the mine will hold its annual Rock Swap. There are always thousands of rock hounds from around the state and further out. They sell and swap rocks, gems, fossils, and handcrafted rock jewelry. It's a cool and interesting event. You would be amazed at what people bring. And if you have an interesting rock or fossil, these guys would love to buy it.

Get Rock There!

-da editor


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