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The story of "IT."

We open and close the chapters of our life's journey, and along the way, we question what does "it" take to be successful? Do I have "it?" What is "it" that I want to succeed at after all?

This is the unannounced time of year when we wonder whether I have "it." For the really young, "it" is the first day of school. Followed by that first day of high school, then graduating from high school and, for some, on to college.

Students hope they have made the "right" choices and will be valued and rewarded for their hard work. As the birds fly the coop and the nest is empty, the parents wonder what's next.

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And while there is no magic formula to make you successful, some tried, and trusted truths will help anyone, no matter your next step.

"It" sounds pie in the skyish, but have big passionate dreams. You will do what you dream, so dream big. Passion defeats fear. And dreams come with plenty of anxiety. Do your best, be passionate, and good things will find you.

Small positive steps every day toward your goal will keep you focused. If you make your daily goal ridiculously easy, you will do "it." Here are a couple of examples. I will read one sentence, save one penny, do one sit-up, etc. If you are passionate about your goal, you should continue beyond that small step. Keeping "it" simple gives you motivation.

Initially, something new has yet to gain momentum. Chug! Chug! Over time, momentum builds with every action and task you complete. When people see momentum, they want to be part of "it." The excitement and support lift you to new heights. If you stop, your momentum will stop, so keep doing "it."

When times are challenging, focus on doing what you love. When things are good, stay focused on doing what you love. Focus and discipline are learned behavior. If you are in "it" to win "it," stay focused. Never take no for an answer. Never give up.

John Donne's "No Man is an Island" is never more apparent than making a big passionate dream come true. You will interact with other people and be noticed. The ugly elephant in the room is the closer you get to your goal, the more people will want to destroy "it." Don't be naive, and don't take "it" personally. "It" happens to anyone who has achieved anything of consequence. Defend yourself and what's yours with a vengeance. Only be a pushover if you want to be pushed over. Handle pressure.

People don't have to like you, but they do need to respect you. Be respectable. Always dress for respect. You are only as good as your word. When you shake hands with somebody, you make a deal. The contracts help us remember the details, but doing what you said you would do when you said you would do "it" is a matter of your integrity and trustworthiness. Set high standards for yourself. Expect to meet or beat those standards. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

Finally, always take your work seriously. Your work has more value than monetary rewards. "It" is how we serve each other daily. When you reach your big passionate dream, give back to society.

Denelle Smugala - Publisher 573 Magazine

Denelle Smugala is the proprietor of Image Maker Marketing in Farmington.

She draws upon her marketing experience spanning from national to local markets applying street-smart marketing to help business owners successfully position and promote their goods and services.

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