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The Unexpected Trucker

The Laid Back on I-55 Truck Show is just one of dozens of events held in Perryville throughout the year. Perryville has it figured out—shorter events do much more for a town than huge, long events. The reason is simple: they do not drain the community of ALL its resources, and they add strong cultural attraction for day-tripping tourists. The 573 Magazine loves tourists coming to the area, and here is why. People come for events and our parks, rivers, and wineries. Tourist blow into town, eat at our restaurants, spend their money, and then, wait for it, they go home. I love that. Small, day events attract the people you want to make a small town prosper. Perryville has figured it out. It's better to hold a small event every weekend than one massive event that drains all the resources and barely keeps the town on the radar.

I admit, I'm not really a truck kind of guy, but like all things in the 573, I'm willing to learn. We arrived just in time for the Truck Light Show when all the trucks turned on unique interior and exterior lights. It is an excellent show of chrome and light. I was shocked at the amount of people that were there. ALL kinds of people. Food stands, interactive displays, beer stands, a full-blown rock concert… a successful event.

My name is Robynne Duvall... I am engaged to Brad, who just so happens to be a truck driver...

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Fortunately, we met up with the organizer to get the scoop. She is an amazing 573 Superhero, for sure. Meet Robynne Duvall, our newest 573 Superhero.

A small group of us decided to run with it and start the Laid Back on I-55 truck show six years ago.

My name is Robynne Duvall. I have been blessed with three amazing children: Chelsea, Taylor, and Dalton. Chelsea and her husband Chris have given me three beautiful grandchildren, Kensley, Brantley, and Journey. I am engaged to Brad, who just so happens to be a truck driver... imagine that! I've been a commercial truck insurance agent with C M Brown and Associates in downtown Perryville for almost 28 years.

Our downtown revitalization committee started having monthly cruise-ins about eight years ago. We dedicated some months to specific vehicle types.... motorcycles, emergency vehicles, etc. We decided to have commercial tractors one month, and the response was overwhelming. A small group of us decided to run with it and start the Laid Back on I-55 truck show six years ago. All proceeds from our show go to the Greater St. Louis Down Syndrome Association—a big success.

I'm also the organizer of the Bikers on The Square for Veterans event, September 15th and 16th, downtown Perryville..

People see trucks every day going up and down the interstate but only sometimes get the chance to check them out up close, inside and out. Most truckers spend a lot of time and money on their trucks, which for most of them is more like their home since they probably spend more time in their trucks than their residence.

Often, truckers aren't given the respect and gratitude they deserve. Most everything you have, at some point, was delivered by a truck driver. I've been told several times over the years how much the truckers really enjoy and appreciate the crowd of spectators Perryville attracts to the event.

I'm also the organizer of the Bikers on The Square for Veterans event.

On September 15th and 16th, downtown Perryville will host the 11th annual Bikers on the Square for Veterans. We will have lots of music, vendors, food, beverages, and fun. Friday night, we'll be dancing under the stars with music by Infringement. Saturday afternoon at 12:30, we will welcome the Missouri Vietnam Wall Run, which includes riders from several states. Last year, the Honor Parade included over 300 motorcycles led by the Missouri Highway Patrol. Saturday evening, we'll put our dancing shoes on again for Top Gunz, an 80s rock party band. At dusk, we will have a lantern release tribute to honor the veterans of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The proceeds from this event go to the Missouri National Veterans Wall in Perryville and Camp Hope in Fredericktown. I hope to see you there.

Our 573 hats are off to Robynne and the gang at Perryville. You keep us out there.

Now, GET OUT THERE. I command you.

The Supreme Leader - 573 Magazine

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