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Twisted Mississippi Cat

This coming weekend, July 6th, is the BIG Twisted Cat Outdoors fishing tournament on the Mississippi hosted by the City of Perryville and “teaming” up with the Perryville Cruise In event which has the car show and music.  Anglers and teams will spend the day on the Mighty Mississippi hauling in 90 lb. catfish, and at the end of the day, they will bring three of their cats to the Perryville Square to be weighed in.  The anglers with the most weight in three fish will win 💯 percent of the entry fee and the biggest fish of the tournament will get an extra $500. Also, the cats will be on display in a super large outdoor aquarium and later released back into the Mississippi.  There’ll be live music, food, and a car and boat show on site while the fish are being weighed. 

Alex Nagy on the Mississippi River bank
The person with the most cat weight wins $500...

We met up with the cat guy who puts the event on.  He really, really likes catfishing.   Meet Alex Nagy, the cat whisperer.  He and his crew will be on hand to give cat fishing advice and tricks.  573 Magazine will be there for this one.   

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My name is Alex Nagy. I’m married to Liz Nagy. She is from Poplar Bluff and moved to Warsaw, Illinois, where I am from. We have one son, Rhett, who is 10 years old. 

Twisted Cat Outdoors is in its 10th year! We have grown a lot in the last few years. We are now paying back 100 percent of the entry fee and $500 for the big fish prize. We are excited to continue growing catfishing and the catfishing tournament world.    

Alex Nagy on the Mississippi River Bank with fishing pole
Alex Nagy holds the Twisted Cat Fishing Tournament.

The rules have been established to encourage fairness, safety, conservation, and significant care for the fish caught. It is the goal of this event to move our sport forward as an example for all to follow.  Twisted Cat Outdoors entry fee is $300.00.  Twisted Cat Outdoors tournaments are CAPPED AT 100 boats. 

Alex Nagy on the Mississippi River Bank with fishing pole
Once you go out and catch a good catfish you will be hooked...

Tournament Hours will be 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Lines in the water at 7:00 AM.  Lines out of the water at 3:00 PM.  You must be in the weigh-in line by 5:00PM.  Teams are limited to a maximum of three persons.  Fish may only be caught by Rod and Reel method.

Any legal bait, artificial or natural, allowed by the state may be used.  Blue Cat, Channel Cat, or Flathead may be weighed—three Catfish limit per team.  Length limits are determined by state law. All fish to be weighed in must be alive. If there is more than the event limit for catfish in the live well, it will result in disqualification.  Social Media live feeds are allowed and encouraged. It makes for a great picture day on the river.  

Alex Nagy on the Mississippi River Bank with fishing pole
The biggest catfish we have weighed in so far was 106.23 pounds...

The biggest catfish we have weighed in so far was 106.23 pounds out of Alton, IL, last September! Bait was fresh cut skipjack. 

I enjoy the thrill of going on a river that is so big and chasing the biggest catfish in the country. Once you go out and catch a good catfish, you will be hooked, and you never know what is on the other end of the line!  I hope you all come out to visit this event.

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Get Out There! Build something. Catch something. Go fishing. Do something. Do anything. What one person can do, another can do. That sunken sofa will be fine without you. 

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