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What's The Pointe?

The Pointe Restaurant is bringing the 573 to a new level of sophistication and upscale dining while holding tight to warm local hospitality. Located in The Crown Pointe Golf Club and Resort in Farmington, The Pointe Restaurant is one of the most aesthetically pleasing dining experiences you can have. From the ambiance of a world-class chef to fine cocktails and wines, The Pointe is the perfect place for date nights, family dinners, business meetings, or a girlfriend's brunch.

The Pointe Restaurant is open to the public, and you do not need to join the club or even golf, for that matter, to experience what they offer.

Most importantly, The Pointe Restaurant is open to the public, and you do not need to join the club or even golf, for that matter, to experience what they offer. With large windows along the front of the restaurant and outdoor dining overlooking the peaceful hills of the course, you can enjoy inspiring, energizing business lunches or lovely, romantic sunset dinners inside or out on the covered balcony.

An cajun executive chef toasts with a glass of white wine in a bright room
Executive Chef Chris Stein

With their Open to the Public feature and now serving brunch, The Pointe is rapidly growing in popularity. It truly is a place for anyone and everyone who enjoys tickling all their senses over a satisfying meal—the chef is a wild man.

Double frosted glass doors of The Pointe, an upscale restaurant
The Pointe Restaurant in Farmington, Missouri

My name's Chris Stein, and I've been here at The Pointe Restaurant since we opened and the ribbon cutting a few months ago.

The mix between fine BBQ and fine dinning at Catalina Island has helped me create my own style.

Before coming to The Pointe, I spent ten years in the resort town area of Catalina Island off the coast of California. I was there from 2010 to 2020, learning and working in fine dining. The last couple of years before coming to Farmington, I was in southern Illinois, where I worked at Beast Barbecue and Fine Swine Barbecue. The mix between fine BBQ and fine dinning at Catalina Island has helped me create my own style.

A cajun executive chef holds a glass of white wine with a tattooed arm
Executive Chef Chris Stein

I love it here at The Pointe. I mean, honestly. People always say that about their jobs, but the people here are great. It's a great area, and the owners have been supportive of my menu choices and desire for quality food for my dishes. We're getting fish flown in fresh from Hawaii and there's a farmers market just around the corner where I buy the freshest and best possible produce. I'm pretty happy here!

A mirror on the wall reflects the frosted glass doors of The Pointe, a fine dining restaurant
The Pointe Restaurant in Farmington, Missouri

Large elegant dining room with many tables, lots of seating, and a vast window view
Window dining at The Pointe Restaurant in Farmington, Missouri

The Pointe Restaurant has a vast and impressive collection of wines ranging from popular local 573 vineyards to exclusive top-shelf imported wines, all in a wide variety of colors and vintages.

They also boast a magnificent selection of fine cigars for their patrons to enjoy. Are you a connoisseur? The Pointe Restaurant offers membership to three amazing Prestige Clubs, supplying benefits such as access to rare bottles, a first order on new and exclusive products, and on grounds storage. So if you delight in pampering yourself with the finer things, be sure to ask about The Prestige Wine Club, The Prestige Whiskey Club, and The Prestige Cigar Club (smoking outside of course).

Before we knew it, the food began flowing, and Chef Chris came to oversee the delivery of each dish, excited to share his beautiful artwork that he put so much love into creating.

So this is a Maryland-style lump crab cake. It's one of the first dishes I ever learned how to make. I used to go crabbing with my grandfather in the Chesapeake Bay, and the first thing he ever taught me how to make was crab cakes. The recipe is very dear to me and is our best seller here. We do our crab cakes Maryland style, where you actually taste the crab and not just a hint in a big ball of bread. A lot of places load way up on the breadcrumbs, but we want to be able to taste the crab. So we use nice big chunks of lump crab in there, drizzle a kind of Cajun-style remoulade sauce on top with some pink peppercorns for a little heat.

...melts in your mouth and floods your tastebuds with such rich flavor that it's almost intoxicating...

The Jumbo Lump Crab Cake melts in your mouth and floods your tastebuds with such rich flavor that it's almost intoxicating. The remoulade sauce explodes with a medley of tastes as it packs a variety of sweet and spicy, giving it that signature Cajun kick. The bed of greens compliment it well as it adds a bit of light, refreshing coolness to the dish.

Next, we have our Ahi Tuna Poke. Poke is a really traditional and very popular dish in Hawaii and has become insanely popular in California. It was on every menu out there, but you're starting to see it in the Midwest more. There are a couple of poke bars poppin' up in St. Louis, but there are a lot of people here who don't really know what it is yet. Our poke is the raw fish preparation of Aji tuna, marinated in soy, with a little sesame oil and a little Sriracha. Then we have avocados, cucumbers, and macadamia nuts, and toss it with wontons, toasted sesame seeds, and toasted seaweed.

Not only does it taste good, it feels good to eat.

The Ahi Tuna Poke is flavorful and refreshing, packed with ingredients that are healthy and beneficial to the body. Not only does it taste good, it feels good to eat. The flavor is something between Pacific southwest salad and top-quality Japanese sushi. It's phenomenal.

So this is our Steakhouse Onion Soup. It's made with a veal broth that we make in-house and sweet Vidalia onions. Then there's the crouton with our house-made buttered baguette bread. We've also got a bone of roasted marrow in the soup, so you can scoop the bone marrow right in there and get all that fatty unctuous yummy flavor. The cheese we have on top here is provolone and comte. Comte is kind of like a French Gruyere-type cheese.

This meal soothes the nerves and invigorates your inner champion simultaneously, all with that elegant Pointe style.

The robust flavor of the broth in the Steakhouse Onion Soup delivers a deeply comforting feeling that seems to warm the entire body from your mouth all the way to your outermost extremities with that first bite. The creamy provolone and comte cheese mix on the large baguette bread croutons help this dish to be quite filling and gives you that same lovely and comforting feeling as a grilled cheese and a hot cup of soup on a cold day. The bone with roasted marrow adds a hint of spicy seasoned beefy flavor that satisfies the carnivore within. This meal soothes the nerves and invigorates your inner champion simultaneously, all with that elegant Pointe style.

So this next dish is our Grilled New York Strip. Angus beef cooked with a cognac peppercorn cream sauce and served with palm purée honey glazed heirloom carrots and short broccolini.

The New York Strip is tender and flavorful. It is seared so perfectly on the outside, and all of those juices trapped within make it so rich and decadent on the inside. Served on a bed of mashed potatoes, it's a typical steak and potato meal but with a refined dining twist. The broccolini florets are wonderful and explode with an excitingly fresh flavor. The carrots offer a bouquet of color and a sweet and savory flavor blend that delights.

upscale plating of grilled Korean bbq king salmon on a bed of ginger and lemongrass rice with roasted baby boy chow white wine and flowers on an elegant table
Korean BBQ Salmon at The Pointe Restaurant in Farmington, Missouri

This is our Korean BBQ Salmon. We get the king salmon flown in from Honolulu fish company. This filet is done with our Korean BBQ glaze, which we make with gochujang, a Korean ingredient that's like a Korean fermented soy-based sauce that's popular in Korean cuisine. It's what we use as our barbecue base. King Salmon is served over jasmine rice that we have scented with lemongrass and ginger, and the dish is garnished with this baby bok choy roasted with sesame and a little bit of chili sauce.

The salmon is absolutely phenomenal.

The Korean BBQ Salmon is just to die for! The salmon is absolutely phenomenal. It's tender and moist with a sweet and spicy kind of flavor to it. The rice magnifies the beauty of this dish with a hint of lemongrass and ginger that adds just a bit of fresh flavor to the whole thing, making it a wonderful medley of taste. It's just delicious! The seared and seasoned baby bok choy definitely compliments the freshness and flavor of the salmon and rice. It's a perfect meal for any occasion.

By the time dessert came, the dining room was a little too busy for Chef to stay, but he still delivered it with a smile and a polite goodbye before taking care of his beloved diners.

elegant plating of a small square dish of Crème Brûlée with mixed berries and a purple wild flower on an elegant table
Traditional Crème Brûlée at The Pointe Restaurant in Farmington, Missouri

The crème brûlée topped with mixed berries was absolutely heavenly! The top is a perfect delicate crystalline crunch and within that crunch is a cup of silky sweet vanilla goodness. You can literally taste this crème brûlée in every molecule of your being. It tastes like pure joy, so much so that you have to close your eyes to savor the flavor and the feeling.

...treat yourself to something fresh...

We left The Pointe full, happy, and radiating with new energy. The Pointe is a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by a kind, caring, and attentive staff and some of the most beautiful foods I've ever seen and tasted.

Everyone gets a little gray this time of year. Maybe treat yourself to something fresh—The Pointe Restaurant.

It's almost Spring. Time to GET OUT THERE!

AJ Koehler

573 Foodie

Pics by supreme leader t. smugala

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