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573 Foto Contest

The emotions that photography can invoke is beyond contestation. Photography has the power as art to conjure one’s imagination through what another saw in the lens of their camera. A single photograph truly can scream 1000 words.

The 573 Foto Contest is primarily aimed at people of the 573 region whom photography is a passion and a way of life—yup, we used the p-word. The contest offers professional and budding photographers a chance to show their work on our platform and get their image published. But most importantly, the 573 Photo Contest gives you a chance to show your driving passion—the world around you.

As a pillar of photography, the 573 Magazine can spot a great image a billion miles away. Your photo doesn’t have to be made on an expensive camera or retouched on the latest version of Photoshop—no, we just want to see your passion come through the image. We want to see your imagination at work.

You can show your skills in traditional photography, digital technology, or just an image captured on your cell phone.

So send us a single image that shows your passion for anything—your barn, your cat, your favorite person, your hike, your dinner…all we ask is that you get out of that sunken sofa to do it. If your image is one of the selected, you and your passion will be recognized.

Email your 573 Foto Contest image to and tell us why your image is worthy.

The 573 Foto Contest is sponsored by Mary Jane Burgers & Brew and Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse

Get Out There!

Da Editor


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