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75 Years of Holiday Chairs

You may think you are a wiz in the kitchen and you're ready to open the next successful eatery, but the (smash you in the mouth) truth is that it takes more than talent to run a restaurant or a clothing boutique, or just about any business for that matter.

If you watch the YouTube commercials, all you need to do is get your social media up and you’re in business. According to Facebook, the world will be standing in line to buy your goods once you post your first business selfie and run that Facebook ad. I mean who cares about things like a business plan, market research, business knowledge, and education, or enough money to hold you over through the tough'll just work hard and the customers will flock in like hogs to slop. Right?

I don't think I know of many businesses that have survived for 75 years.
...we take care of them and they take care of us.

According to the Department of Labor, 66% of all who try going into business will fail within the first four years, and most of those will fail within the first two years. Actually, the failure rate has increased in recent times due to the fact that many people think everything they need to know to run a business can be found on YouTube. Good luck with that and get ready for a slow agonizing taste of the real world.

...great quality and design make a perfect addition to your home.

We thought we would ask a successful businessperson for her take on the subject: Vicki Oberle from Fisher Furniture. Fisher Furniture was opened by Fred Fisher in 1946 on Main Street in Ironton. And 75 years later (Yes, I said 75 years) it is still going strong. I don't think I know of many businesses that have survived for 75 years. I guess the people at Fisher have something going for them that we most likely could use to know.

Vicki's smile can light up the room...75 years with a successful family business will do that!

573: Vicki, how has Fisher Furniture survived so long?

This is a hard one. Things in retail, just as in life, are ever-changing. I guess that's the key, is not to get too comfortable with any retail plan in particular, but to be flexible. We regroup quite a bit, looking at retail and home trends, always aware of the needs of our customers and community. But always our first priority is our customers and employees, we take care of them and they take care of us, it's a partnership for sure!

573: Selling big-ticket items in a small town is hard. What’s your secret?

Our market may be smaller than in the city, but that also works to our advantage. We can give more personal service to each customer than the big box stores can. Anytime an employee has a question about a sale, it's never by the receipt number, it's by the customer's name. It was recently pointed out to me by another company how rare that is! I hadn't thought about it before, but we have a great relationship with our clients! And I think our clients can feel that when they interact with us, we all know how important they are to us.

573: Any holiday specials you are offering?

We are offering financing specials, 12 months no interest financing, which really helps this time of year! We also have our Mattresses and Reclining furniture on sale now through the New Year! Accent furniture is also 20% off and we are well stocked on Whirlpool Laundry and Cooking!


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