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A Red Carpet Event at the Coin-Op

Remember those countless hours spent playing Pacman, Mario Brothers, or a KISS Pinball machine at a local arcade or shopping mall? The idea of getting your name or initials listed in the top ten scores was a strong attraction for many—an achievement component, which includes a desire to advance to the next level of the game, or maybe you just wanted to compete with others.

Striving to be really good at something, or helping others learn the game, or just to have a simple distraction from real-life, arcade games have a way of taking us there. Whatever your reasons were, arcade games are as Americana as it gets.

Recently 573 Magazine and The Coin-Op Cantina Barcade in Cape Girardeau decided to team up with Motion Dog Films to host a Red Carpet Event for their new local film. But before we get in too deep, let's meet the players.

Jeff Mungle

Jeff Mungle and his partners, Latt Brown & Jason Mungle, opened the doors of the Coin-Op Cantina April 22nd, 2015. The Coin-Op Cantina is a smoke free game bar and arcade located in Downtown Cape Girardeau. They feature tons of ever changing arcade games, pinball machines, skee-ball, Nintendo, PS4 and Xbox One console gaming, darts, and more. There's a full service bar which includes an extensive rotating craft beer selection with 24 beers on tap and 120+ bottled and canned beers. Coin-Op is big on changing it up.

...the boys at the Coin-Op Cantina sure know how to keep things exciting!

Not only an established businessman and favorite face among much of Downtown Cape’s pub crowd, Jeff has also created a reputation for himself as one of Cape Girardeau’s most valiant and active champions. Hosting many awesome and different kinds of fun filled events at the Coin-Op, including a variety of Game Tournaments, Tap Takeovers, and Themed Pub Crawls, the boys at the Coin-Op Cantina sure know how to keep things exciting! But I’m sure many of you already know all about the epic awesomeness offered up by the Coin-Op on a daily basis. One thing you may not know is the amazing charity and support that also comes from them to encourage the growth of local art, culture, economy, and yes...even area healthcare.

The Coin-Op Cantina has been host to events that help raise money for multiple causes including medical research, local hospitals, and budding artists.

Red Carpet Event

Ecstatic about the recent release of their comedy, Interviewing Monsters & Bigfoot, and the completion of their latest thriller, 2 Heads, Motion Dog Films is eager to share their excitement and success by celebrating with the communities that supported them during and after production, and to start looking for new talent to get on board with their next adventure.

Happy to help another group of local filmmakers make their goal and achieve their dreams, Coin-Op Cantina opened its doors and it's arms to Motion Dog Films, a small local independent film group, agreeing to host a Red Carpet Event.

The event will shine awareness to discovering amazing local talent, telling original stories, and bringing all the glamour of the "Lights, Camera, Action!" world right here to the 573.

The Red Carpet Event will be Saturday, July 31st from 5pm to 1am and will definitely be a night to remember. Select Cast & Crew from Interviewing Monsters & Bigfoot, and 2 Heads will be there for a meet & greet with photo ops. Rob Evans from Legacy Entertainment Worldwide will also be there, scouting for fresh faces and new potential talent.

On top of all that, the Coin-Op Cantina has a variety of fun games and different ways to win some amazing prizes donated by our awesome 573 area sponsors.

We met up with Jeff to get more details about the Coin-Op Cantina and the Red Carpet Event they're hosting at the end of the month.

573: What inspired you to open Coin-Op Cantina?

...a bar ...that has a ton of games...

I guess I’ve always wanted to own a bar, but I didn’t wanna just own the same kind of bar that everybody else had downtown. I wanted to do something a little different. Then it came to me. I was down at Ragsdale’s one night and they had that pinball game down there and there were a couple older 80’s arcade games and there was always people lined up to play. So, I was like why not someone open a bar up that has a ton of games in there? And whenever I got to the point, financially, where I could start something up, we opened it up!

573: You have quite a variety of beer here, what are some of your most popular brands?

Four Hands is a really big seller here, and Prairie, which is a newer one we started getting in last year. Boulevard does pretty well, I guess those are probably the biggest ones we have, the big three. Oh, and also Big Muddy out of Murphysboro, IL.

...Hammerhead Tournament...

573: So, what kinds of things do you have in store for Motion Dog’s Red Carpet Event?

We’ll be having some tournaments. We’ll do a Hammerhead Tournament, which is kind of like whack-a-mole, but instead it’s whack-a-shark, and a Pinball Tournament. I’m not sure if we’ll use Stranger Things or Deadpool... unless we get the Mandalorian machine in by then! If we get the Mandalorian, that will be the tournament game.

I just received confirmation from Jeff Mungle that The Mandalorian will in fact be our Pinball Tournament Machine! Be sure to stay tuned for flyers, posts, and more information on this epic upcoming Red Carpet Event by Motion Dog Films at Coin-Op Cantina in Cape Girardeau.

...over $2,000 worth of prizes...

Other amazing features of this fun-filled night to remember will include Boozy Floats by Sugar Chic Creamery, A Photo-Op Meet & Greet with select cast and crew from Interviewing Monsters & Bigfoot and 2 Heads, a raffle and a gift card roulette with over $2,000 worth of prizes & gift certificates from 573 area businesses, and a silent auction with items such as movie memorabilia, fine local art, a dinner date with the Producers of 2 Heads, and VIP passes to the 2 Heads Red Carpet Pre-Screening and cast & crew after party.

We'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors for their support of local artists! Be sure to click the links and check them out!!





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You don’t want to miss out on this one time only FREE event, so get out there...and join us for an unforgettable night of magic, machines, and star-studded dreams!

Until then 573, be happy, be healthy, be well!


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