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Are We Selfie-Centered?

As an editor of 573, I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. I have also been making images for many years. I say MAKING images instead of taking images. There is a big difference. Making a photograph consists of making a plan, making decisions and then making an image. Taking pictures is just that: you take what’s there. But with the advent of the social media and the selfie, the idea of taking and making seem to somehow be on some bizarre technological and somewhat narcissistic train wreck. Now bear with me here—it gets better.

Millennials may find this hard to believe, but it really wasn’t too long ago, in a land that time forgot, the self-portrait was reserved for artists and photographers who were exploring themselves. It was always considered kind of narcissistic. How does that compare with the modern-day selfie?

...selfies could be damaging your friendships...

Can a person take too many selfies — or not enough? Some researchers are saying that your selfies could be damaging your friendships, relationships with co-workers and family, and most importantly, your relationship with your SELF-ie.

FYI: A photo taken from two feet above your head, angled straight down at your body doesn’t make anyone look good...

I’m fine with selfies, but mine always come out too strange to post. I don’t have the stomach to stare at myself that long—unless of course I take my glasses off.

...a ME thing to do...

To me, it seems like a selfie is actually two levels of narcissism (and please let me know if I’m wrong here). First of all, you’re posting your picture on a social media site. This, by itself, seems like a ME thing to do—is it not? But, then trying to get as many people as possible to see the post, is this not taking egos and lack of self-esteem to a whole other level? Isn’t posting countless selfies kinda like spending an evening with someone as they blather on about themselves for hours never even taking the time to ask you how your soup was? Is that cool? I’m just asking questions.

Here’s a look at of some of the more interesting selfies (and with a few more questions):

The Driving My Car-ie

I love these—pictures of people smiling while driving down the highway with their full attention where it shouldn’t be—on themselves. Do us all a favor and don’t take pictures of yourself as you drive. I don’t want to be the guy killed by someone sharing their unbelievable selfie to Instagram while driving.

The I’m Drunk-ie

Getting drunk generally means that you should not be taking pictures of yourself anywhere. While it may feel like a good idea to let all your friends know how stupid drunk you are via a messy bathroom mirror selfie, it’s something you may regret in the morning. And have a little pride: no sex act selfies or clothing malfunction-ies either—you will regret that later on in life.

The I Love My Dog-ie

What is it with some people and their dog selfies? They dress them up. They make them do stupid tricks. They kiss them full tongued. Yikes. It is bad enough they're lying around taking hundreds of pics of themselves. Why drag a poor, defenseless animal into the mix?

The I Work Out-ie

Get over yourself...please.

If you have to take pictures of yourself while working out, please don’t add tags like #lookatmyfat. We all know you are only wanting us to say that you look great. Get over yourself and get back to your workout, please.

The Duck-ie

The kissy face? Really? Why are you pushing those lips out? It looks ridiculous. All I can think about when I see a duck-ie is how many duck-ies did you take to get that perfect dumb look on your face? You’re not a top model. It’s time to lose the pouting lips. Do models even do that?

And if you have to use a bunch of filter apps to make your picture look good, you might want to start over. Too many filters and retouching make you look very desperate. We all know you are not a glamorous super model or movie star so why try to look or act like one? Just be yourself, dude.

The Jerk-ie

Standing in front of someone overweight or someone who's dressed strangely, or doing something you generally shouldn’t be doing, or doing something illegal or dangerous to take a selfie... is rude to the fourth power. And if you get a pile of likes for your blatantly ignorant selfie, you are probably friends with a pile of idiots to boot.

The I’m On The Beach-ie

Yep, we all love pics from the beach. Taking selfies of yourself having fun on the beach…hiking trails…playing ball…climbing a mountain…touring a new town…taking a float trip…sky diving…antiquing… working outside…spelunking…picnicking…jogging…scuba diving…or any other activity where you are moving is good, right?

You know what's better? Putting down your social media spotlight and actually enjoying those things.

Put down your phone. Log off of facebook or instagram, or whatever you're plugged into. And Get out there!


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