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Cape Sculture Walk

Pablo Picasso said, "Sculpture is the art of Intelligence." It is my belief that he's really onto something there. It's not simply a type of decor, but an art that stimulates the senses and invokes three dimensional thought. Inspiring, beautiful, and each made with totally different materials, personalities, and purposes, sculptures are in every way unique.

...enjoy the amazing sculptures...

Cape Girardeau has been a destination location for several years now, bringing in people from near and far to enjoy the amazing sculptures featured all over the downtown area. Every spring all new awe inspiring pieces are put on display all across town, and both locals and tourists alike make their way down broadway and up Main to enjoy the new sunshine & the new views.

Here are a few of 573 Magazine favorites.

“Equity” comes from the mind of Nathan Pierce, a native Cape Girardeau sculptor. You may remember this piece in front of Tattoo Spot, along Broadway between Middle and Fountain.

“Triangulation Tower” by North Carolina sculptor Carl Billingsley.

“Mind Started Rambling” comes from former Southeast Missouri State University instructor Dylan Collins. In 2019 this piece drew the attention of many on the corner of Broadway and Frederick, in front of Annie Laurie’s.

“Swept” is the creation of Marc Moulton, a craftsman from Georgia. This sculpture graced the corner of Broadway and Fountain, across from the Courtyard by Marriott.

“Dulband Satellite Flower” by Richard Herzog. This piece is one of my personal favorites that I've seen so far. Using hard materials formed by man, Herzog produced the perfect symbol of nature and soft beauty. It used to live along Broadway between Sprigg and Frederick, across from Catapult Creative House.

As the days become warmer and you start feeling the urge to get out there, be sure to make your way to downtown Cape to get a peak at this years works of art.

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