Back 2 School Reunion

573 Magazine has been going strong in the area for nearly 15 years now. We've seen some beautiful places, experienced some epic adventures, and met some amazing people since we got started. Lately Team 573 has been feeling very nostalgic, and as we think back on the days and friends of 573 Past we tend to wonder how things have changed over the years and where those amazing people are today.

...jog down memory lane...

Autumn can often bring about fond thoughts of days gone by and apparently we're not the only ones feeling the urge to jog down memory lane and see where life has taken some of our favorite 573 friends. Last month 573 Magazine got a wonderful message from an "old" friend.

“Hi. My name is Trey Smith... The reason I messaged you is, I was in your AUG/SEPT 2013 issue of 573 Magazine. I was in the Back to School story. The reason I reached out is because I had the time of my life with all of the kids I met on the day of that photo shoot. I was 8 years old and didn’t have a care for the world. I am 16 now and trying to figure out life. I would love to see all those kids again and just see where life took them.

how cool would it be to see what those kids are doing now?

In the story each kid got a small paragraph about what we wanted to be when we grew up, so I thought how cool would it be to see what each one of those kids are doing now? Imagine doing side by side photos to see how we’ve grown, or even just proving a point that life doesn’t go as we always plan. Things happen, choices are made, and those are decisions that make us who we are. For example, I am 16 years old and a youth pastor in Farmington MO. If you told me that’s where I’d be today 8 years ago, I would have said you’re crazy!

My point in all of this is, I just thought it would be cool to see them again. If you think this is in any way, shape, or form a maybe good idea please text me back. lol Have a blessed day!”

Reunion Story!

Trey’s idea wasn’t good. It was great! And thanks to him and his unwavering efforts, we were able to track down the whole gang, and even reunite 5 out of the 6 kids that took part in the 573 Magazine 2013 Back to School Shoot for a very special Back 2 School Reunion Story!


Let’s travel back in time to 2013 to refresh our 573 memories!

The Arcadia Valley Academy is an enormous campus, with many possible locations to choose from. There are over 200 rooms. With 6 kids modeling, accompanied by their parents, hair and makeup, our assistant ZuZu, the photographer, and myself, we had a full team to help take this to production.

...polka dots, checks, and stripes...

This ancient academy proved to be the perfect location to juxtapose the bright and bold back to school apparel, with it’s spotlight on polka dots, checks, and stripes, and maybe some plaids and houndstooth, too.

Polka dots, the most frivolous and fun of all the prints. After all, the pattern shares its name with the peppy dance form.

I think if polka dots made a sound, it would be,”oom pa pa, oom pa pa,” just like the beat of a polka. I can imagine polka dancers dipping their toes in paint before the dance, then leaving the dance floor speckled, or polka dotted. The polka dot fabric is related to the dance form, but more likely because both became popular around the same time, in the late Nineteenth century. Everyone knows about the “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and maybe Frank Sinatra’s first hit recorded with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra “Polka Dots and Moonbeams.” But did you know that Blues guitarist, Buddy Guy, regularly plays a signature Fender Stratocaster that is black with cream polka dots? Not to mention Flamenco dancers often flip and twirl their full skirts of polka dot fabric.

...playfulness and giggles...

The polka dot fabric of today still evokes playfulness and giggles, and that’s exactly what was happening when the friendship that was being forged between two of our little models the day of the shoot-Jayden and Peyton.

Peyton (above right) is an athletic eight-year-old who loves swimming, riding horses, and participating in a variety of sports. She is still undecided whether she would rather be a veterinarian or a fashion designer...possibly pet couture?

Six-year-old Jayden (left) is a competitive dancer who spends much of her time practicing her stunts and perfecting her tumbling skills. Although referred to by her mother as a little diva, she loves the dirt and action when watching her Uncle Billy race his modified dirt cars around the track.

With the talent Jayden already possesses, it isn’t difficult to imagine her reaching the goal of becoming a professional performer in The Cirque Du Soleil when she grows up.

...worn by the pop culture of today.

Often seen in private school uniforms or the scratchy wool kilts representing the different clans, plaid fabric is becoming less serious when worn by the pop culture of today.

Plaid, the ever so serious plaid...