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Bigfoot Sighting at Walmart!

Local production company hits a home run with the release of the new movie Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot now available at all Walmarts! The film was produced by Farmington based Motion Dog Films and marketed by Farmington based Image Maker Marketing and distributed by Level 33 Entertainment.

Get to Walmart and get your DVD before they disappear!

“As I watched this creature, I wondered if some movie company was making a film at this place and that what I saw was an actor, made up to look partly human and partly animal. But as I observed it more, I decided that it would be impossible to fake such a specimen…” - William Roe, Mica Mountain - 1955
"Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot reminded me of something that the comedy troupe Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread) might do... " - Brian Shaer, Film Threat

For decades the legend of Bigfoot has enticed the imaginations and peaked the curiosities of artists and academics alike, inspiring scientific studies, exploitative hunts, and a number of different art and entertainment projects.

According to the All-Knowing Wikipedia, Bigfoot, also commonly referred to as Sasquatch, in Canadian and American folklore, is an ape-like creature that is purported to inhabit the forests of North America. Supposed evidence of Bigfoot's existence is based on a number of anecdotal visual sightings, disputed video and audio recordings, photographs, casts of large footprints, etc, etc…

So is there really an elusive Bigfoot species living wild in the forests of North America? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for certain, there’s been a recent sighting in a Florida Walmart of a Bigfoot that happens to be from right here in the 573.

Interviewing Monsters And Bigfoot Co-Producer, Joe Majestic, made this enthusiastic post shortly after the sighting:

“Our movie INTERVIEWING MONSTERS AND BIGFOOT hit Walmart shelves across the nation today and at a great price! We got top shelf placement! Directed by Thomas Smugala and starring comedy legend Tom Green alongside [Survivorman] Les Stroud and the late Jessi Combs! I was the Publicist for this fun flick. It's absolutely hilarious! If you're out shopping and want a funny new movie to watch pick up a copy! Pictured here at a local Walmart in North Fort Myers, FL!”

Shortly after, Motion Dog Films in Farmington, Missouri made this post announcing the first arrival of the DVD here in the 573:

In this locally produced feature-length comedy, by-the-book forest ranger, Billy Teal (Tom Green), is dead set on preventing Cory Mathis (Les Stroud - Survivorman) from

discovering the truth about the Mark Twain forest. Mathis, a respected college professor, claims a mythical forest creature killed his wife, transforming him into a man haunted by obsession and revenge.

Mathis partners with legendary Bigfoot hunter Fran Andersen (Stacy Brown Jr.) who is out to collect the Nat Geo 10 million dollar bounty for the capture of the creature; but Ranger Teal, a covert government agency, and a serial Bigfoot hoaxer (Rick Dyer) have other plans. A darkly witty comedy with a dysfunctional protagonist, a twisted narrative, and a series of events that build into a shocker of an ending.

Check out the trailer

Film Threat Review:

"Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot isn’t around for the plot or to teach any significant life lessons. It’s here to be goofy and juvenile and to make stoners and their friends laugh (this is the kind of movie that takes place in a town called Knob Lick, wink-wink), and in that respect, it can be deemed a success.

The cast is energetic and clearly having a ball. Still, this type of comedy is of a particular nature, and if you aren’t on board from the get-go, the movie won’t win you over by the end.

Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot reminded me of something that the comedy troupe Broken Lizard (Super Troopers, Club Dread) might do... " - Brian Shaer, Nov. 2, 2020

"A fantastical and twisted comedy of epic proportions." -Seth Ferranti, Vice Magazine

Local Cape guy, Quin Strong as Ranger Bobby.

Local actors ham it up while hunting the beast.

Les Stroud talks with his stage son in the 1979 Ford provided by Denny Motors.

Jessie Combs gets busted for seeing Bigfoot.

Tera Eckerle socks AJ Koehler - the cliche CAT FIGHT!

The Jackson Police confront Les Stroud about hunting Bigfoot in the forest.

The producers at Motion Dog Films had to overcome a mountain of obstacles to make this film, but their “can do” attitudes pushed Interviewing Monsters And Bigfoot to a successful finish to bring the movie to world-wide distribution.

Filming locations in the 573 area - First State Community Bank, Cuzzin’s Sports Bar & Grill, Cape Girardeau River Front, Mineral Area College, Stevie's Burgers, Olympic Steakhouse, Kellerman's, Heritage Hall, The OffSets, Madison County Jail, Johnny T’s, Madison Inn Lodge, DragonFly Inn Bed & Breakfast, Crown Valley Winery, and more...

The film, with Tom Green and Les Stroud was produced by Thomas Smugala and AJ Koehler and filmed locally using 90% local actors and crew (many being their first time on a film set). But there is more to this story than merely overcoming the usual indie film-making obstacles - according to producers, without the community support of Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Perryville, Fredericktown, Farmington, and Ironton - this film would have never been made.

Available on multiple streaming services and now on DVD in select stores across America, this 108 minute roller-coaster ride of hysteria and hilarity has hit the market like a hurricane. But don’t wait to get your copy, or you just might miss it!

"We loaded this baby up with more than 100 Hollywood clichès!" -Director Thomas Smugala

When we went to look for the beast at Walmart, every copy of Interviewing Monsters And Bigfoot had vanished...completely sold out. The only evidence left behind of its existence... the tiny price marker at the end of the empty rack.

A solid victory for the small independent film from Farmington, Missouri, and the surrounding communities that helped to support the project.

Even though this particular “Bigfoot sighting” left no evidence to support the existence of the legendary Sasquatch creature, it did prove the survival of something else, thought to have been long extinct.

“Interviewing Monsters And Bigfoot is proof that the American Dream is still alive and you can do anything from anywhere, as long as you’re willing to put in all of the hard work needed.” -Thomas Smugala, Director - Interviewing Monsters And Bigfoot

Interviewing Monsters And Bigfoot is available on DVD and multiple streaming services including (but not limited to) Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, hoopla, xfinity, Verizon, Google Play, RedBox, YouTube, iTunes, and Apple TV.


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