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On Monday, April 8th, an awe-inspiring celestial event will grace the skies of the 573—a total solar eclipse. This breathtaking phenomenon occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align perfectly, casting a shadow over the Earth's surface. As the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, it will block out the Sun’s light, casting a shadow over the planet. This will create a surreal experience, with the sky darkening like night and the Sun’s outer atmosphere becoming visible.

This particular total solar eclipse will traverse Mexico, the United States, and Canada, captivating spectators along its journey. The focal point of this cosmic ballet will be a narrow track extending from the southern reaches of Texas to the northeastern corner of Maine. Within this corridor, fortunate onlookers will witness the Sun's corona, the radiant aura that envelops the solar disk, as the sky transforms into an ethereal twilight. Lucky for us, several events are scheduled in the 573 where you can catch this cosmic spectacle.

Remember you must use proper protective eyewear, such as eclipse glasses, to safeguard your vision. Directly gazing at the Sun, whether during an eclipse or not, poses a significant risk of eye damage, including permanent blindness. Do you plan to capture the celestial drama with a camera, telescope, or binoculars? Be sure to use appropriate filters to prevent accidental eye damage from even the slightest sliver of direct sunlight—DON’T RISK IT!

There is much planned to help you celebrate the weekend of the Eclipse. Here are just a few that you might enjoy!

Arts Council of Southeast Missouri ~ April 6-8th ~ Cape Girardeau

This 3-day event will have everything you need to view the Great American Eclipse in Cape Girardeau. Festivities kick off on Friday the 6th with the Art Crawl, including studio visits, art creation events, and many other events on Saturday. Then, on Monday, April 8th, the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri will hold The Great American Eclipse event at South Side Farms to celebrate Everyone Belongs Under the Sun! The day will be filled with art projects, sound baths, live music, and art installations, all taking place at a perfect viewing area for the 2024 Great American Eclipse!

In celebration of the 2024 Eclipse, artists are invited to submit work considering how cosmic events impact cultural change and our place in the universe in personal, regional, national, and international regards. This exhibition will be a part of eclipse events across the City of Cape Girardeau under the direction of the Arts Council. It intends to use the power of this cosmic event to create cultural advancement in rural communities along the path.  Learn more at

Missouri Eclipse Strings Festival ~ April 5-8th ~ French Village, MO

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse ~ Passes over Missouri Ozark festival grounds on Monday, April 8th, 2024, around 2 pm, offering an intimate, wide-open location to view this natural phenomenon included in your ticket purchase and an extraordinary set featuring original 300+ year-old string instruments the morning of the eclipse to set the stage for this cosmic experience. This will be the 2nd time in less than a decade that Astral Valley will fall in the path of totality and offer a unique Eclipse Festival for the occasion. The 2017 Eclipse Festival, 4321 Tipper and Friends, was a sold-out event, so don't wait to reserve your tickets.

The Venue is 700+ acres of gorgeous Missouri Ozarks. Druzy Quartz Crystals and Lace Agate infuse the grounds and are often found in the creek or along the hiking trails that meander through the high ridges of the St Francois Mountain range. The site features three large crystal clear springs that feed the creek, seasonal swimming, climbing, and bouldering, mountain bike trails, and three caves open for exploration year-round. We offer beautiful Creek Side, Forest & Meadow camping options included in the ticket price, upgraded RV electric sites, VIP camping, and Main Stage camping options available as an add-on.

This 4-day Family Friendly Camping Event will also feature Guided Meditation and Sound Journeys by SiraAtma Kaur, Fire & Aerial Shows by ReKinection, Yoga, Healers, late night Bon Fire Pickin' Sessions, Morning Tea and "Jam" at the N'General Store, Live Painters, performances by the Astral Gypsies Giant Puppets, Large Interactive Art Installations, Unique Craft Vendors, Conscious Workshops, Gifting Culture, Tasty Culinary Delights & More!  Learn more at

Perryville SolarFest ~ April 6-8th ~ Perry County

Witness the beauty and wonder of the cosmos. On April 8, 2024, Perry County, Missouri, will be in the path of a total solar eclipse, offering a unique and breathtaking experience for residents and visitors alike.

Perry County is the perfect place to witness this amazing event, with multiple viewing sites featuring unobstructed views and out-of-this-world themed festivities, like hands-on science demonstrations, balloon launches, and a 3-day SolarFest featuring live entertainment, food vendors, and even a parade. No matter if you’re an experienced astronomer or just looking to experience this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, Perry County offers you a star-studded experience. Food, music, foam, neon...and so much more. Learn more at

As the clock ticks closer to the designated time of the eclipse, anticipation builds among astronomers, skygazers, and casual observers alike. Whether positioned within the path of totality or witnessing the event from afar, the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, promises to be a moment of cosmic wonder and reflection.

by the Supreme Leader and Editor 573 Magazine

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