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Fall Fly Fishing

There's nothing quite as relaxing as fly-fishing in the fall. The 573 is blessed to have many trout fishing hot spots, both public and privately owned. There are several trout farms that even offer amenities such as luxury lodging, gourmet meals, and spirited events. With the exception of trout parks, trout fishing season lasts all year in most trout areas in Missouri. But there's something about hitting the streams in the fall that centers the heart, frees the mind, and feeds the soul.

October is probably the most popular time to enjoy trout fishing. Fall is a dryer fishing season. After the summer heat, the water tends to be lower, and low clear water is easy for even the amateur angler to read. With clear low water, shade from the leaves, and a nice October breeze, it's simple and comfortable to spend the day casting your line and your worries away.

The Trout Parks

Missouri's trout parks provide easy accessible trout fishing. You'll need a state fishing license and a daily trout tag, available at the park's store, but a seasonal trout permit will not be required. March 1 to October 31, the daily limit is 4 trout in combination, but brown trout must be 15 inches or longer.

Here's a few popular trout parks in the area:

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Blue Ribbon Areas

Blue Ribbon Trout Areas are managed to produce trophy-sized trout. The daily limit is one trout at least 18 inches or longer. Regulations calls for flies or lures only.

Local Blue Ribbon Areas:

Winter Trout Lakes

Farmington - Giessing Lake in located in Engler Park: Stocked first week of Nov. MORE INFO

Jackson - Rotary Lake is located in Jackson City Park: Stocked first week of Nov. MORE INFO

Columbia - Cosmo-Bethel Lake is located in Cosmo-Bethel Park: Stocked first week of Nov. MORE INFO

Mexico - Kiwanis Lake is located just southwest of the Plunkett Park baseball field: Stocked first week of Nov. MORE INFO

This website is not affiliated with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Double-check the regulations before you go fishing.

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