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Human All Year

What does it really mean to be human? To me, it is the hard truth that we are all the same.

No matter what anyone tells you, we are all the exact same creature. Yes, we have different fur and skin colors. We have different ideas, religions, preferences, and tastes in foods, but once you remove the superficial we are all the same.

To be human is to be self-aware and to understand that other humans are capable of the same self-awareness. To be human is to be curious- we daydream, we explore, we invent, we love, we hate, we create, we destroy. We learn about ourselves and crave to learn more about the universe. We have strong opinions. To be human is to observe, to evolve, to examine cultural differences, and to ultimately realize that we are a relative of everyone else in the world. To be human is to be aware of the fact that one’s body does not live forever.


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