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It's Just A Fantasy

A fantasy writer is a creator of imaginary worlds. Spinning tales that transport readers to realms where magic rules, dragons soar, and heroes embark on epic quests. They craft intricate plots filled with fantastical creatures, ancient prophecies, and mythical landscapes that ignite the imagination. A great writer will bring ordinary and extraordinary characters to life whose struggles and triumphs resonate with universal truths. Through their storytelling, fantasy writers explore themes of courage, friendship, and the eternal battle between good and evil. They draw inspiration from folklore, mythology, and their own experiences to create richly textured narratives that captivate audiences of all ages. The only limit is the writer's imagination.

Recently, 573 Magazine was contacted by an up-and-coming Fantasy author who requested to interview a 573 Magazine writer. We met with her and found the entire meeting extremely interesting. It warmed my heart to see a young person with such passion for something. I bet all the tea in China this girl becomes a great fantasy writer, and 573 Magazine will be in line to buy her first published novel. Meet Karli Ann Layton, the latest 573 Superhero.

I've always wanted to write because of my love for reading.

I'm Karli Ann Layton. I'm fourteen and in 8th grade at Central Middle School in Park Hills. I've always been more English Language Arts-Reading oriented in school, winner of spelling bee three times in a row, fun facts: had my tonsils taken out, Christian, alto in choir, LOVE to read, have written two books and a bunch of little poems, have played soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and even a little football in my lifetime, and my favorite movie is Megamind. I've always wanted to write because of my love for reading. Since reading a book is like being in another world, I wanted to give that to someone- or a lot of someone- with a bit of a me-twist.

Karli showed up with paper and pen. I like that.

My interview was very inspirational and showed me that if you want to do anything, and I mean anything, you have to be willing to work your butt off to get there and keep working even when (because it will) it all falls apart.

We asked Karli to send us the first paragraph of her next book. Here it is.

I Wish

by Karli Ann Layton

It was dark. That much I knew. Oh, and it was cold. It was so cold, in fact, that I was losing feeling in my fingers. Hypothermia, or is my scrunchie too tight? I asked to myself, checking my wrist. Definitely hypothermia. Just to be sure, though, I reached for my wrist to remove my old, completely gaudy JoJo Siwa-reminiscent glittery scrunchie, a gift from my mother back when she was still around, only to find my hands had been bound. With…zip ties? Well, I thought, they did not think this one through. Why I didn't feel fear, or wariness, or even caution is beyond me. I had always had a sarcastic demeanor, and I suppose it showed itself in the best and worst of times. But as I bit the zip ties, trying to loosen them, I heard something no one in a dark, cold room alone wants to hear. The click of a lock. The creak of a door. The whisper of fabric. The voice of a captor: "Well, hello there, missy. Lovely weather we're having, isn't it? Nice, dry soil. Perfect for digging." A voice…a voice I recognized.

Karli is the oldest, "Old Soul" 8th grader on the planet.

Wow, that sounds interesting. Now Get Out There! If an 8th grader from Park Hills, Missouri, can follow her dreams, so can you. Don't be lazy. Get up and get out. Do something. Do anything. Time is wasting and that sunken sofa will not miss you.

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