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Last Minute Shopping Helps

Shopping locally during the holiday season is more than just a transaction; it’s a lifeline for small-town business owners, especially during Christmas. These local businesses are the heart of communities, and their success sustains livelihoods and fosters a vibrant local economy.

When you choose to buy from small shops, you directly impact the lives of your neighbors and friends who run these establishments. Rather than boosting the profits of big box stores or online, your support keeps money circulating within the community, enabling these entrepreneurs to thrive. A better Christmas for them means being able to provide for their families, hire local talent, and contribute more to the town’s growth.

Moreover, local businesses often offer unique, handcrafted, personalized items you won’t find in big-box stores. By choosing these gifts, you’re not only delighting your loved ones with something unique but also supporting the creativity and passion of local artisans and craftsmen.

Beyond economic benefits, shopping locally fosters a sense of community. These businesses often participate in local events, sponsor youth sports teams, and contribute to various community projects. Your support for them isn’t just transactional; it’s a way to invest in the fabric of your town’s social and cultural tapestry.

This Christmas, consider the impact of your purchases beyond the wrapping paper. It’s a chance to spread joy by exchanging gifts and uplifting the spirits and dreams of those who pour their hearts into their businesses.

We decided to bum around Farmington to see how last-minute shoppers can win big by shopping Small Town U.S.A.  


Think of the ultimate “DIY Honey I’ll Do” gift for your sweetie. Hoods Discount Home Store offers high-quality snap flooring that anyone can lay. Waterproof flooring is simple to put down, and it lasts a lifetime. If you came to me and said I am putting a new floor down that you always wanted, you would be my Superhero for a long time.  

HWY 67 in Farmington

M-Sat, 8-6

Sun Closed


Who doesn’t have a special friend in need of quality beauty products? We stopped in at Merle Norman Cosmetics and Skincare to check out the cosmetics and found much more there. There’s a selection of bath and body products, beauty accessories, jewelry, handbags, cosmetic bags, wallets, and many other gift items. For a place that loves to encourage and empower women to feel good about themselves, the owners, Susi and Randy Huff offer gift cards, customized gift baskets, makeovers and makeover parties, makeup tutorials, skin assessments, and much more.  

434 N. Washington St. in Farmington 

M-W 12-5

T-F 10-6 

Sat, 9-3

Special Sunday Shopping - Dec 17, 12-4 


Looking for a special gift? The Copper Lantern may just be one of Santa’s best helpers. The Owners, Kelly Legan and Angie Winch go out of their way to store the best seasonal gifts and home decor possible. Brands like Nora Fleming, Happy Everything, Mudpie, Karen Didion Originals, Etta B pottery, McCall’s Candles, Swan Creek Candles, Bridgewater Candles, Gift cards and customized gift cards… They also create custom wreaths, arrangements, and bows for any occasion.  They even deliver in a 15-mile radius of Farmington.  

312 N Washington St. in Farmington

M-F 10-5

Sat 10-4

Sun 12-4


How about bigger lips for your honey or a little self-care for the Belle of the Holiday cheer ball? Show Me Younger offers (No Needle) lip enlargement using the world-famous Fotona 4D laser treatments. No ugly, clumpy lips with the Fotona system—only large, beautiful lips. Dr. Humberto Olivero knows what he is doing when it comes to improving your physical beauty. He also offers Medical Body Sculpting, Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapies, Mircosurgeries, and other Medical Aesthetics. 

301 North Washington Street in Farmington

M-F 8-7

Sat & Sun by Appointment

Well, what are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE and shop your heart out.

Words from the Editor.

Be sure to visit all of our awesome sponsors who make these stories possible!

Be sure to visit all of our awesome sponsors who make these stories possible!


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