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Wow. Recently, I received a message from a woman who said she had a great story. To say her story was great totally undersold her to such a point we decided to do our first two-part story on her—her story is not great, it is fantastic. So meet the newest 573 Superhero: mother, businessperson, suicide prevention activist, and most recently, Ms. World America 2023. Meet Elizabeth Gibbar.

When Elizabeth first contacted me, I admit her story seemed too unbelievable, but with a little research, there she was, another super talented person out in them there, 573 Hills. Yup, Elizabeth is the 573 Energizer Bunny—a very busy and passionate person focused on her daughter, career, and helping others. So we did what we do: we decided to take our newly crowned beauty queen to the perfect location for a photo shoot with a beauty queen—on the bank of the muddy Mississippi.

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We had Elizabeth show up with no make on and nothing in her hair. Just her, as is. We added some chunky bright blue on her eyes to match the backdrop.
Elizabeth is not your run-of-the-mill beauty queen.

Over the past 50 years, beauty pageants have undergone a profound transformation. In the 1970s, these competitions were primarily focused on physical beauty, with contestants judged primarily on their looks, figure, and elegance. Today, beauty pageants' emphasis is on inner qualities such as intelligence, talent, and social awareness. Pageants promote women as well-rounded individuals with diverse skills and interests rather than just as objects of beauty. Today, beauty queens are expected to engage in social advocacy, showcasing their commitment to critical social issues, and that is Elizabeth Gibbar in a nutshell.

Elizabeth taking full advantage of our weed covered studio. She really made it work.

Elizabeth surely is the 573 Mississippi Queen & a 573 Superhero.
Come to find out she won the Ms. Missouri World International as well.

Elizebeth's life now is a gazillion miles away from where she was five years ago. She's spent much of her adult life in failed relationships and wrong turns. At one point in her life, she tried to commit suicide and was saved by her sister, becoming Elizabeth's catalyst to change her life. It's not what you would expect for a beauty queen, but Elizabeth has so many facets. Her life story and transformation are why she became Ms. World America 2023 and almost totally off everyone's radar. Today, she is a suicide prevention activist helping others get over the loss of a family member and helping young people stay away from thinking suicide is an answer to a problem. Elizabeth is a professional medical billing manager, and recently, she and her daughter opened Belle's Boutique, inspired by and named after her daughter Isabelle. Together, they plan to make the 573 a little more beautiful through wellness and lifestyle products. You can learn more about that at We love people who run their own race, and the dedication to her daughter, family, career, and community giveback makes Elizabeth a true 573 Superhero.

There is simply way too much about Elizabeth to lay out in one story, so please stay tuned for part two of Elizabeth's story. We will interview Elizabeth and her sister Savannah and learn about their suicide prevention advocacy efforts in Cape. It's a great story, so sign up for our newsletter and get it sent directly to your email, or like one of our many social pages and get notified when the story comes out.

Get Out There!

words & pics T. Smugala, aka Supreme Leader of 573 Magazine

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