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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a music festival at Mary Jane Bourbon...

As you know, 573 Magazine enjoys hosting, sharing, and attending all kinds of area events here in Southeast Missouri. We love getting out there to see what the area has to offer as far as friends, fun, and entertainment. Recently we heard through the grapevine of an event happening next month in Cape Girardeau that’s super American — a good old fashion street party.

We stopped in to see our friends at Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse and had a chat with Bar Manager, Danny Stewart, who confirmed the rumors and told us all about the upcoming Bourbon on Broadway — MARCH 13.


On March 13th, Broadway will be home to the most kick-@## adult’s only block party event Cape Girardeau has ever seen. Five major whiskey distributors, including Glazer’s, Major Brands, Lohr, Vintegrity, and Classique will be set up right here at Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse with more than 25 different kinds of bourbon. There will be several vendors, including Minglewood Brewery, Jackson Street BrewCo, Barrel 131, Cask, and Union Horse Distillery. Select samples from Mary Jane’s delectable menu will be available in a complimentary food tent, and music will be radiating through the neighborhood!


"...You’ll get to sample over 25 different bourbons from all five major distributors and snack on complimentary samples of select menu items from Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse..." - Danny Stewart

No outdoor American whiskey-based block party would be complete without some excellent live bands, and Mary Jane’s Bourbon on Broadway pulled out all the stops with their all-star lineup.

Kicking off the night will be former touring artist and owner of Minglewood Brewery, Stuart Matthews, who will be doing a 1-hour pre-show FREE to the public.

You can also look forward to enjoying performances by Greg Pursley, Blind Velvet, Odd Moses, The Wild & Free, and Buy the Pint, which is an Irish Punk Rock band featuring Mary Jane’s own Danny Stewart as lead singer.

So how much is admission, and what does that include? Good question!

So how much is admission, and what does that include? Good question! We wanted to know too so we asked Danny and here’s what he told us. “Tickets are $25 per person. There will be live music, which will include performances by four different bands and two solo artists. You’ll get to sample over 25 different bourbons from all five major distributors and snack on complimentary samples of select menu items from Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse.”


"...It’s gonna be a good time.”

"There will also be five different vendors set up with drinks available for sale. Minglewood Brewery and Jackson Street BrewCo will have a selection of craft beer, Barrel 131 will have batch cocktails available, and both Cask and Union Horse will have an assortment of handcrafted spirits. And of course, Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse will be open and ready to satisfy any other cravings you may have. It’s gonna be a good time.”

Advertisement for Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse

During our visit, we got to try some of Danny’s mind-blowing cocktails. The first one we tried was the Cold Brew Manhattan. With cold brew coffee, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, luxardo liqueur, & peychaud bitters, this elegant drink was bold & sweet, with strong coffee notes and a smooth finish. Perfect for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. Next was the Whiskey-Rita. Looking and tasting like a traditional margarita except with that unique warm sensation in the back of the throat that you can only get from having a smooth and potent premium whiskey. Made with white whiskey to keep its traditional margarita green color, the Whiskey-Rita was a tasty treat.

The next drink up was the table favorite, hands down...

The next drink up was the table favorite, hands down. The Ciderhouse Whiskey goes down like southern sweet tea. Kentucky whiskey mixed with Mary Jane’s house-made cider syrup with a twist of lemon peel to garnish. Simple, sweet, beautiful. Up next was a drink with quite a kick. The Sazerac made with rye whiskey, absinthe, peychauds, and angostura bitters is sweet and familiar with a bold flavor and strong tones of anise. A New Orleans Classic, Danny told us that many would argue that it was the first cocktail, but this isn’t quite true.


"Just good simple Old Fashioned cocktails..."

“The original cocktail, the Old Fashioned, was made with rye whiskey, bitters, and a muddled sugar cube.” He went on to tell us about Classic Cocktails and how he saw a good opportunity to bring them back when he was offered the Bar Manager position at Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse. “My plan was built around the idea that there’s no good place to get an Old Fashioned... Simple cocktails made the way they’re supposed to be made. Tasting the way they’re supposed to taste, without all those extra sweeteners and artificial flavors and "my own spin". Just good simple Classic Cocktails.”

Why cover up that smooth bourbon flavor?


If you’re a bourbon veteran like me, you’ll agree, nothing beats a classic cocktail. Why cover up that smooth bourbon flavor? And whether you’re a veteran or a beginner bourboneer, come join us March 13th for Mary Jane’s Bourbon on Broadway to sample over 25 different kinds of bourbon and be sure to pop into Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse to try an epically amazing Old Fashioned or one of their many other amazing Classic Cocktails while you’re there. Find the 573 Magazine photographer, and you might end up in the magazine.

Please bring a designated driver to this event — DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! If you have too much fun, carGO in Cape Girardeau, a sponsor of Bourbon on Broadway would be happy to help get you home! Until next time 573, be happy, be healthy, be well...

Read more about Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse here!


Written by AJ Koehler

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