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New Ways of Doing Business

Do you have a new or start-up business? Or is your business established, but your employees want to work from home, and you want to ditch some overhead costs but need a professional address and meeting place? Maybe you are one of the many employees forced to work from home but need some peace & quiet and reliable high-speed internet while you work. Nowadays, the way we work has changed. And it doesn't seem we are going back any time soon.

Now more than ever, a shared office space — a co-working space makes a lot of sense. Originally the concept started to help small businesses and beginning entrepreneurs get out of their basements or coffee shops and into a real, professional work setting. In this new work-remotely world, EVERYONE can benefit from a low-overhead, away-from-home private office space.

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The problem in the 573 is that the internet can be spotty in rural settings. And working from a permanent in-home office has you sitting around in your pajamas all day, and walking back and forth to the refrigerator quickly gets old. Both coffee shops and home offices have too many distractions and limitations to work efficiently. Trying to do business at a local coffee shop is a drag — not to mention the sour looks you get from the coffee shop owners who need their tables to serve new customers.

Our new co-working environment could be a long-awaited solution to your pain and a way to grow your business.

WorkSPACE, located in downtown Farmington, is solving the big question that everyone is pondering: How to keep the convenience and flexibility of working from home but maintain your professional edge and sanity.

WorkSPACE solves this dilemma by providing office space with FREE, reliable high-speed WIFI and utilities … and the use of shared spaces. It's a turn-key operation. You have secured access 24/7/365. By leaving the operation of your office to WorkSPACE, you can concentrate on managing and marketing your business and boosting productivity for your company in a fun and friendly environment.

Vacant office with desk, chairs, and a computer

WorkSPACE, strategically located on the main drag in downtown Farmington, is professional and secure. And get this! Open office space starts at only $150 per month.

WorkSPACE tenants enjoy coming to work because they interact with other interesting people from different industries. Being part of an office community creates opportunities through networking, which will improve your business.

In addition to open office space, several small private offices are available for short-term leases. Private office spaces range from $250 to $360 per month, depending upon the amenities. Call for your tour today. 573.756.9933 or visit for an online view. Find us on Facebook and Linked In as WorkSpace573.

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