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Old No. 102

Downtown Farmington has many fine establishments. An artisan coffee shop, clothing boutiques, a music shop, and a few interesting restaurants nestled in the historic brick buildings. Today finds us in front of what was once a historic opera house, now turned brew and food pub. The Old No. 102 Tap House is a fun, casual atmosphere to gather for an "after-hike" lunch, a get-together for beers, or a dinner & drinks place. If you have been on a long hike or are busy with kid's sports, sometimes it is so nice to find yourself at a place with locally-made drinks and meals worth paying for! The place is a hub for multigenerational eats—my favorite is the cauliflower crust brick oven pizza. The atmosphere allows one to enjoy a meal comfortably and create conversation in a high-ceiling, open environment. Whether you're meeting up for a drink or bringing the whole family, the staff at Old No. 102 won't let you down.

Built in 1884, the building (Old No. 102) was once a hotel, saloon, and opera house called Braun's Hall.

Wood fired pizza is the best!

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...handcrafted beers and mixed drinks with delicious appetizers in an upbeat setting.

You can choose from a list of handcrafted beers and mixed drinks with delicious appetizers in an upbeat setting. Choose to dine at the bar or at an artisan wood table surrounded by the exposed historic brick walls—if only the bricks could talk! Or, weather permitting, dine out on the patio and catch some rays. One thing for sure: when you get your plate of gorgeous food, you're gonna want a selfie—just you and that plate.

From St. Louis 4-Hands Brewery comes Avery White Ale - light and smooth.
The Christmas deco outside Old No. 102 lends itself to family photos. The historic buildings are welcoming and full of Christmas Cheer!

The service at Old No. 102 is friendly and energetic. You can tell that the staff has passion and a sense of teamwork. This enthusiasm shows in the beautifully plated foods served to their customers. The pride in using only the best ingredients and featuring local and fresh products sets Old No. 102 apart.

Ethan Nations, the Old No.102 manager, bartender, and creative cook, tells us, "We make our food with love, and everyone here has a hand in making it happen."

Old No. 102 offers an extensive menu with fresh salads, crazy good appetizers, satisfying sandwiches, hearty pasta dishes, and, of course, mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas. There is even a kid's menu for picky peas. The beer list is massive, with local brews on tap and unique can selections.

...fresh, vibrant greens.

Ethan Nations brings out the Fresh Arugula salad and it's perfectly dressed with house-made dressing, topped with caramelized walnuts, red onion, and feta. The bitter greens melted with a sweet, crunchy snap. The texture of sweet red onion and feta meld together, swirled in a sweet, white balsamic vinaigrette. The palette of flavor and color is well-balanced with fresh and vibrant greens.

Next from the starters menu the Arancini. The light and encrusted outside is elegantly served with sweet balsamic reduction and parmesan. Lightly breaded, rolled Risotto balls with parmesan cream and sundried tomato pesto meet the tongue with the warmth and comfort of herbs. The sweet tomato marinara adds a hint of juiciness to each bite. It is a must-try at the restaurant!

The Bill Murray Sandwich paired with 4-Hands Alaskan Amber- rich, full and not too bitter.

The Bill Murray Sandwich was drizzled in a seducing Swiss cheese over thinly cut tender sirloin, topped with onion and garlic mayo, and all hugged by a pretzel bun. The Pretzel bun captures flavorful aju sauce and stays crusty on the outside. The bite is full of flavor, satisfying, and rich. The Bill Murry is served with seasoned, thick-cut hot fries. Nestled alongside the sandwich and fries are two dipping sauces to set your taste buds in motion—the house-made garlic aioli with fresh onion and the honey chili ketchup sauce. The garlic aioli leaves a buttery richness that lingers with flavor. The honey chili ketchup leaves you with a sweet and spicy discovery. Your taste buds do not get bored!

The wood fired pizzas have a crisp homemade crust ladened with fresh, fragrant, sizzling ingredients. Wood fired pizzas offer a new look at pizza and get the inner cook thinking, and I want to try them all.

...creamy homemade alfredo, tender sirloin steak, wild mushrooms, mozzarella, and bleu cheese...

The Woodsman Wood Fired Pizza - is a creamy homemade alfredo, tender sirloin steak, wild mushrooms, mozzarella, and bleu cheese, with a Monte drizzle of balsamic reduction syrup. These pizzas are big enough to share or devour on your own. The Bleu cheese and wild mushroom dance together to create a rare flavor burst. The Alfredo sauce complements it. The parsley and balsamic reduction creates a fresh, zesty high note, and then the crunch of freshly made crust, woodfired to a bubbly crisp. The sirloin is freshly cooked and thinly sliced, with a top crispness, adding a hearty, nourishing element.

...cauliflower crust pizza with pineapple, black olive, chicken, and hot mango sauce.

You can also create your own custom pie by filling out the card on the table. We created our own cauliflower crust pizza with pineapple, black olive, chicken, and hot mango sauce. The gluten-free pizza crust was crunchy, crisp, and wood-fried to perfection. The flavor of pineapple and chicken sizzle added a sweet and salty combo that set off the hot mango habanero sauce. The creative pizza option has something for all. Old No. 102 even offers a vegan mozzarella. It comes out bubbling and gets your tummy rumbling.

The mixed drink menu is unique, fun, and creative. Just reading the list is a conversation piece!

Ethan Nations created "Pretty in Pink." Pretty in Pink goes down smooth and light with a hint of citrus that brings you to the beach. It is served in a beautiful glass dressed in a fresh lemon slice. Ethan said, "The Pink Lady Classic inspires this. It took many attempts to create the perfect drink, then I started using the Botanical gin made by 4-Hands Brewery in St. Louis with just enough grenadine to set it off."

The sugared rim adds a new sweet twist to Autumn freshness...

Spiced Apple cider- Served with a sugar-cinnamon rim and cinnamon stick. The aromatics of cinnamon wafted across the table with the house-infused tequila. The Apple cider comes through creating a refreshing effervescence flavor. This drink is not too sweet on its own. The sugared rim adds a new sweet twist to Autumn freshness that may be in the air.

...infused with homemade whipping cream topped with a chocolate sauce.

Mocha Alexander - Italian Brandy, creme de cocoa, coffee infused with homemade whipping cream topped with a chocolate sauce. A dessert drink that is sweet and creamy with a warm surprise of deep, rich coffee in every sip. A combo of bitter and sweet! The creative drink uses top-notch ingredients, invoking the inner child, the businessperson, and the seducer all at once. That Italian Brandy may have you feeling sexy, but you have a chocolate cream mustache and bills to pay. The shot of coffee leaves you with a burst of energy to tell an old story or solve a mystery. Mocha Alexander gets my vote for the best coffee-inspired drink of the year!

102 Tap is open Wednesday- Sunday, 11:00 am-10:00 pm, closing at 8:00 pm on Sundays.

Now, Get Out There!

words by Colleen Rabbit Smith

pics by Supreme Leader T. Smugala

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