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Snow Birds -the kind that come here

Last week when I wrote the Winter Love Affair story, I had no idea it would snow a day later. I thought I would get bombarded for posting a snow story in mid-November. Who knew that the Old Farmers Almanac would be so correct about Missouri having an early and heavy winter with lots of snow?

Juncos always show up on the first snow of the year...

When I woke up and saw the snow, the very first thing I saw was a dark-eyed Junco bird. People always told me those Juncos always show up on the first snow of the year—really?

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Okay, I'm not a bird nut, but I do keep a feeder outside my window because I love to watch the birds come and go, and I love the fact that there are always different bird types coming and going, but on this day it was like someone threw a switch and all the birds changed. In addition to the Juncos, there were Blue Jays, Cardinals, a Brown Trasher, Downy Woodpeckers, brown-headed cowbirds, Titmouse, and finches—a birdy cornucopia right outside my window.

There is something about watching a wild animal up close. They are always happy and on the move. And birds get used to you being around very quickly. We've had this feeder up for about two years now, and the birds pretty much ignore us even when we sit a few feet from the feeder at the grill. They are all just busy minding their own business.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, attracting winter birds to your backyard can be easy. A clean, ice-free water source makes a huge difference. A heated birdbath is a must-have because all birds require water for drinking and bathing. So if you give them food and water, they will show. It turns out birds are like people—always looking for the path of least resistance.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has tons of bird-related info if you want to get into birds. › wildlife › birds

What are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE. Take a hint from the birds—Move it!

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