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The Barber Of Perryville

Once there was a lovely young woman named Jona...

Unlike other young women of the village, Jona knew things about men. Things others knew not. Not seedy or needy things, no, Jona knew how to make men feel good about themselves in a positive way. She was able to bring out the best in a man that others could only imagine. With a snip here and a snip there, Jona makes sense of her world, for Jona is the Barber of Perryville.

Jona knew things about men. Things others knew not.

Now, Jona is a kind soul. She loves all things, all things! From old movies to puppy dogs and babies, to photography, to nature… Like I said, all things, all things!

Jona’s skill and style keep her date book filled with happy customers seeking inspiration, style, and perfect handlebar mustaches. Day in and day out Jonas’ little shop on Jackson Street in Perryville has never an empty seat and always others awaiting. It is the life she made for herself that most would see as work, to Jona, when you do what you love, it is no work at all. To Jona, it’s merely her dream come true. She cuts beards all day and even, sometimes, finds the time, to cuts beards in her sleep. Just tossing, turning, and snipping away. That sounds like a song.

To Jona, it’s merely her dream come true.

Even on the days, when she leaves her happy customers behind for some me-time, Jona can’t help but give the poison ivy a quick trim.

My name is Jona Edwards.

My name is Jona Edwards. My fiancé Michael works for Holcim and is a family man, always making sure we come first. He is one of the main reasons I was able to open the shop, pushing me to follow through with my dreams. We have a 14-year-old son named Colton he loves basketball and piano , an 11-year-old daughter Kyndall who I know will be famous someday because she’s so gifted in the arts and a two-year-old son named Kyren who is my little nature boy and has his mommy’s heart. They are all very different and beautiful in their own unique ways as most humans.The shop has been something I had dreamed about for a long time as I am not a corporate type. My dream is to expand into a men spa with a barbershop storefront. It’s a dream in the making, as you saw my current space is small in a big way but it has helped build up to what I am wanting.

My dream is to expand into a men spa with a barbershop storefront.

Initially I started out trying to be a walk-in only barber shop and that just wasn’t my vibe. The shop’s vibe is relaxing and personal, I like to keep it that way. I believe men work hard and often long hours, they deserve a place to get away to as well and they deserve to pamper themselves. I am a firm believer that military veterans and service people deserve more respect. I try to show it by giving them discounts and honoring them with our freedom wall of military pictures that hang in my shop. I love building client bonds, and I believe that’s often why people come back, of course, the complimentary beer helps too.

I love doing Shaves! To me using a straight blade is an art, it’s tedious and relaxing for myself and the client. During a shave, the client gets many steam towels, creams, moisturizer, toner and finished with powder. Straight blade shaving takes off the top layer of skin which can help promote hair growth for those who have a hard time growing it and it leaves skin soft and healthy looking. Often while straight blade shaving people wonder how many people I have “Sweeney Todded” we always get a good laugh out of it, but the answer is none. Shaves are just one of the services I offer along with haircuts; all my haircuts come with a steam towel and shampoo so that the client leaves feeling relaxed and fresh, not only does the shampoo help to rinse away all the loose hair, but it helps me to check for quality. I do a lot of beard details.. the beard started making a big come back around 2010 and hasn’t left for many good reasons, along with the obvious, making men feel or look manly, beards can serve more purposes, such as protection from elements while working outside and covering scars. Lots of men like to have them during winter months and trim them down in the summer.

Thank you.

I don’t do fairytales very often, but when I do, it’s for 573.


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