The Mary Jane WOW! Factor

Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse jumped onto the scene with a big splash in 2018. Nearly four years later they’re still making waves with fun festive events, cool contests, and an ever evolving menu that never fails to impress. Located on Broadway in Cape Girardeau, Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse has very quickly become an area favorite and a top destination location, bringing tourists from across the country and around the world to sample the decadently delicious dishes.

573 Magazine recently stopped in for a visit with our friends at Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse to enjoy some of our favorite foods and check out what’s new.

This is a meaty, MEATY sandwich.
meat & egg sandwich with fries and a Bloody Mary cocktail with a lime and a pepperoni, onion, olive kabob
Steak & Egg Sammy with steak fries and Mary Jane's signature MJ Bloody Mary

The Steak & Egg Sammy with 5 ounces of slow-smoked prime rib, bacon, cheddar cheese (is what we had, but you can choose your cheese for this sammich:) and a sunny-side up egg all on a house bun. It. Is. Epic. The golden yolk just runs right over the meat and soaks into the bun the moment you take that first bite! (Now, don’t worry, you can choose how your egg is cooked, not everyone likes theirs to be sopped up by biscuits like we do!) The blend of the bacon, the steak and the egg together makes for a really hearty, very filling sandwich that is full of flavor. Everything is seasoned just perfectly. This is a meaty, MEATY sandwich. Perfect for that carnivore in your life! And to top it off, it comes with plenty of Mary Jane’s amazing house steakfries…enough to share. ;)

decadent looking potato skins with pork, cheese, dressing and a bunch of jalapeños with a cocktail in a tall glass
BBQ Tater Skins served with a Manhattan
An instant favorite...

Next up is the BBQ Tater Skins. With smoked pulled pork, provel cheese, buttermilk parmesan dressing, porter BBQ sauce, and pickled jalapenos & scallions, this appetiser stole the show. The complexity and variety of the ingredients created a medley of taste! The sweet, heat, and savory spice all cooled down with the buttermilk dressing, had my palette reeling in a symphony of YUM! An instant favorite, this dish had the whole table mumbling high praises excitedly with very full mouths.

The flavor just absolutely pops giving it that wow factor.

The Smoked Trinity with Texas toast, green beans, and ice cold brew!

The Smoked Trinity at Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse is friggin phenomenal! You get 3 amazing smoked meats, turkey, pulled pork & ribs, and 2 sides. And oh my God, it’s SO good. Super, super moist white meat turkey. The flavor just absolutely pops giving it that wow factor. The pulled pork is absolutely delicious. Tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor. The ribs with barbeque sauce just falls right off the bone. Again, the meat is tender, juicy, and the added sweet and slight tang from the sauce really makes it stand out. Served with roasted green beans with bacon, garlic, and onion, and 2 pieces of Texas toast with a golden slightly crisp outside and soft warm buttery middle, this meaty meal is a hearty treat!

...melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious!

The Smoked Pork Steak comes with 2 sides, and could feed a whole village! LOL. Seriously! This is a HUGE cut of meat. But size isn’t everything right? Well, it is when it’s this melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious! Of course, it was a moment before I found out. Surprisingly enough, the first thing on the plate I just had to try was the Brussel Sprouts, and my instincts did not let me down! The sprouts totally stole the show, roasted with bacon, onions, garlic and some kind of sweet garlic aioli with a mystery flavor I couldn’t quite put my finger on. They were so addictive I had to remind myself not to fill up on them before getting to taste the steak!

Everytime we come here, this place seems to top itself again and again! What’s their secret?

“I’ve been working with Carisa for about 9 years. I started out at Mary Jane Burgers & Brew about 7 months after they opened and we’ve been running ever since!” - Executive Chef, Matt Ruessler

Matt Ruessler, Executive Chef and Co-creator of the menus for Mary Jane Bourbon & Smokehouse, Mary Jane Burgers & Brew, AND JStreet BrewCo (which he also Co-owns) gave us the 411.

573 Magazine: First of all…Compliments. To. The. Chef! How do you get your meats so tender and juicy?! White meat turkey is normally at least a little dry, but not yours, why?

We do a process where we brine our turkey. It helps maintain moisture. Although, I gotta give a lot of the credit to the guys on the staff that cook all the meats, you know. They’re the ones that really implement everything. I’m here, helping out where I need to be, but the guys that work with us, they do a great job. We have a slew of amazing smokers here; Zach, Freddy, Devin, Jordan…they all help back there with me. It’s very much a team effort.

573 Magazine: Can you tell us more about the menu items we tried today, like the potato skins?