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The Virus Sucks!

Okay, the virus sucks. But it is the hand we've been dealt—deal with it. Too harsh? Maybe, maybe not. As a reader of 573 Magazine, you know we do not pull too many punches. We tell it like it is and how we see it. YOU can always turn the page. Ha.

If you are like me, you are pretty disturbed by all the panic and "The End is Near" virus rhetoric being pumped into your brain 24/7. How much is true—how much is false? If it is anything like many other hyped-up, political, money-grabbing programs spilled out by big media corporations attempting to expand their base, I'd judge it all to be about 40% true. Too cynical? Alright, politics is not my bag, baby—so we leave that up to you to decide what is true or not.

...this is a great time to go after YOUR dream.

Maybe we need to flip the script and get real. Honestly, we can only protect ourselves and the people around us—life goes on no matter how much we worry. Of course, we at 573 Magazine advise you to follow the virus guidelines and be safe in your actions. But as a father, son, entrepreneur, pet owner and lover of rocks—I can't just sit idly by and rot. That will not happen.

Of course, the virus is bad. But there is something nice about spending more time with your family. The pace of life slowing down is allowing us to collectively take a deep breath, catch up on things and get some rest. With so few distractions now, I am moving twice as fast as before the virus (BV) and completing all my backlogged tasks. I upgraded our photography equipment, and for the first time in my professional career, I actually read the instructions manual.

The way I see it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that may never come again. It's an excellent time to be thankful for what you have and enjoy the gifts that all around you.

Do something. Do anything. Pull yourself out of the sunken sofa and GET OUT THERE!

So from me to you: don't waste this precious virus opportunity to improve your business or push your life forward. Nothing will ever be the same as BV. Whether you believe in the American Dream or not, this is a great time to go after YOUR dream. Go back to school. Ride that bike. Play catch with your kid. Start that new business—YES, this is a great time to start a business. Call some old friends. Write that book. Go fishing. Take an online course. Fly that kite. Plant a garden. Lose a few pounds. Take a hike. Find new intimacy with your partner. Do something. Do anything. Pull yourself out of the sunken sofa and GET OUT THERE!

573 Magazine and Image Maker Marketing is offering consulting to small local businesses navigate through the murky waters. There are numerous ways you can save and even grow your business in these turbulent times. For more info email the editor at


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