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Wanderlust: A Summer Love Affair

This is kind of personal to share—a love letter. To whom, you may wonder? Summer. That’s who. My wanderlust!

I want to talk about all the things I love about you.

I debated on whether or not to share this with you, but my love cannot be contained. I HAVE SUMMER WANDERLUST. What is there not to love about you, Summer? Call me a stalker. Say I’m impatient. Tell me I’m crazy, I don’t care. You might be too hot for some, but not me. Some say the thought of your burn keeps them away, but that’s not your fault and I’m willing to take the risks. But lets forget about the cold-hearted among us, I want to talk about all the things I love about you.

This 573 story is sponsored by River Rapids Waterpark in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

What is there not to love about you, Summer?

13 reasons why I love you.

1. Trying something new: Whether it’s trying out a new haircut or a new place to eat, now is the time to do it! (because if it ends badly, fewer people will know).

2. Flip flops (and wearing them to work, because I can).

3. Summer nights with the windows down, your warm breeze running its fingers through my hair is like a dream where the fireflies mix in with the stars (I swear they are brighter with you around).

4. Tan lines: Time to get rid of your ghostly white past with Winter and get your tan on!

5. The smell of sunscreen and sunshine after a full day of swimming at the river: You might as well pack up any perfume you have during this time of year because sunscreen and the sunshine are the scents of this season and everyone’s wearing it.

6. The fourth of July: Summer wouldn't be the same without a day devoted to being an American. BBQ, fireworks and wearing our colors proudly. Doesn't get much more American that.

7. Instead of staring mindlessly at my phone at 5 pm in winter in darkness, I can put down my phone and be out adventuring with friends!

8. BBQ: What would we do without you?

9. Late nights and camping: The bug-bites are totally worth the memories.

10. Bonfires: SMORES! That’s all I have to say.

11. Bare Feet: Embrace your inner Rapunzel and act like it’s your first time going outside! Feel the carpet of plush green grass under your toes.

12. Star Gazing: If you’re feeling philosophical or just want to gaze at the pretty lights, grab a friend or ride solo and enjoy the show!

13. Adventures with Friends: Whether it’s a day at the lake, going for a road trip or sitting around drinking slushies. Go make some memories!


words & chalk art by lainey sanders

pics by t. smugala


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