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Start with optimism, add passion, mix in a ton of curiosity and 14 of the toughest business years and what do you get?

2007 573 magazine cover depicting young brunette woman in a classic truck staring out the window

573 is celebrating its 109th issue. I am sure that if you could see the look on my face right now, you would clearly see a look of disbelief. Truthfully, we can’t. Being an independent publisher is challenging at best, let alone producing a magazine in a region where small businesses have little money to spend on advertising. I wish we could make a magazine without having to get sponsors or charge for it - unfortunately, that is impossible and unrealistic because printers want money for their excellent work and team likes to eat. We do the best we can with limited resources and still love bringing the 573 to you. We believe in what we’re doing.

WE HAVE ISSUES...109 to be exact!

After nearly 14 years and 109 issues, we still believe you deserve a wide variety of unbiased and non-political options and opinions. When we go to sleep at night, we know 573 Magazine plays an essential role in facilitating that for you.

We think our communities deserve a publication of higher quality – one that inspires, excites, and educates in a fun and friendly way.

Our team takes pride in presenting our region in a refreshing manner that attracts tourism, business, and new residents to the area searching for a better lifestyle.

We are passionate about spotlighting local people and places that would otherwise be lost or forgotten.

We strive to deliver quality and beauty. That means high-quality printing and beautiful paper so you can keep our magazine forever, precisely the way we intended.

2019 573 magazine cover depicting young brunette woman in classic truck staring out the window

573 in 2020

Like any responsible company, we believe in the importance of offering a planet-friendly product. As that becomes more and more difficult and expensive to achieve - not to mention how it weighs heavily on our hearts, we have been slowly transitioning towards a digital magazine. This transition will continue in 2020 in the form of many exciting and technology advanced enhancements to 573 Magazine along with several new 573 events and new products.

In 2020 we will host the 3rd 573 International Film Festival, the 7th 573 Chalk Festival in Spring, the 1st 573 Talent Festival and in the fall the 5th 573 Mud Festival, several art openings, and many other special events.

2020 will see a massive expansion of 573 Digital Magazine with expanded coverage of local events, people, places, and passions. The print magazine is slated to get thicker, but with fewer issues becoming more reader supported with no paper waste - that will help with our planet-friendly plan. The thought of a single magazine being tossed in the trash and not saved for years – makes me crazy.

Happiness is within your grasp in the 573, and we can help if you help us. If 573 magazine makes your day a little brighter and you more appreciative of all the great things the region has to offer - our mission is accomplished. Support 573 Magazine by subscribing and sponsoring. Your support is vital to our mission.

Learn more about the region with the 573 Magazine app at

Get out there.

the Editor


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