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Embrace the Chaos!

Today you are a happy and healthy individual—if you are lucky. You are able to do just about anything without any extra help—if you are lucky. Life would be pleasant if it could continue this way forever, right? Unfortunately, the future is the most unpredictable aspect of life and the only true constant you can really depend on.

We all know we have to save and prepare for a comfortable future—equipping our lives with suitable amenities is no crime. But how much time should we really spend on worrying about what might come or making ourselves too comfortable? Are we sacrificing our present by worrying about the future? can stress you out.

From your career, to your family, to your health, to world issues…

things seem so unpredictable today because of the complexity of our society and the voracious appetite the media has for our time. When you work in factors like luck, randomness, and chance, the unpredictable nature of life can stress you out. It is just unrealistic to think you can control everything. You can’t.

... focus on what’s really important ...

Instead, deal with the certainty of an unknown future. Embrace the chaos. Focus your energy on only the things you CAN control, which are YOUR thoughts and YOUR actions!

Controlling your thoughts and actions will help you live in the present moment. Force yourself to focus on what’s really important in your life—your family, friends, health and the rest.

Living in the here and now is the only truth. Without all the worry and stress of an unpredictable future, you’ll be more productive in everything you do.

So get out there. Take that walk in the park, start that new hobby, get that new job, sign up for that class, try new things…

Start spending your time MAKING SOMETHING HAPPEN TODAY!

-the editor


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