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Jean de artist - Person of the Year

I don't know what art is; I never have. I know one thing for sure, anyone who says they know what is and what is not art is full of chalk. Through the years, I have met many artists, from singers to actors to painters and sculptors to writers to my eyes, there is art in everything and everyone. And oddly enough, I am always more taken in by the art produced by kids and older people. Maybe it's because kids don't know how they are supposed to act and create, and the older artists don't care what people think anymore—both lead to raw creativity.

There is a local artist living in Ste. Genevieve that I have been following for the last three years. When I first saw her paintings, I thought it was cool that someone would take up painting later in life and have such freedom in her style undeveloped back then.

But as the years have passed following her development, I have to say she certainly has it going on now. Meet Jean Rissover aka E•Klek•TiX Gallery in Ste. Gen.—78 years of age, one of the 573 Magazines Person of the Year.

Enjoy this small sample of Jean Rissover's work, and be sure to check out E*Klek*TiX Gallery in Ste. Genevieve for more amazing pieces by this extremely talented artist.


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