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The aptly named Motion Dog Films has built quite the reputation for getting around. Filming more than 99% of their films in locations all over the 573 area, and using 95% local people for their cast and crew, Motion Dog Films is a huge supporter of developing and showcasing local talent.

Local Filmmakers Cast for Next Feature Film Production - The Spring

Pumped and ready to begin pre-production work on their next big project, Motion Dog Films will be hosting a CASTING CALL at MARY JANE BURGERS & BREW in Perryville, Missouri on Sunday, November 28th, 2021 from 2PM - 4PM.

The Spring is a visually stunning thriller set in modern times and 1870 America. A gritty young woman struggles to clear herself of murder charges the only way she can - with the help of a ghost.

Two kindred souls, one, an ex-slave working in an 1870 post-war brothel, and the other a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks in modern-day Missouri, unite through supernatural circumstances to uncover a 150-year-old reign of serial murders.

Screenwriter: Thomas Smugala

Producer: John Steven Schnieder/Thomas Smugala/AJ Koehler

Director: Thomas Smugala

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Motion Dog Films will be casting for all roles...Leads, supporting, and background. They will also be looking for crew talent.

Think you have what it takes to come run with the big dogs? Join us at Mary Jane Burgers and Brew this Sunday, November 28th, and find out.

Get out there!


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