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MoMo's Favorite Treats

In the heart of uptown Jackson, nestled amongst the boutiques, gift shops, and salons...there’s a magical little place that we here at the 573 have just been dying to visit!

MoMo’s Favorite Treats on High Street has had our attention for quite some time, and today is the day we get to go get our sweets on!

The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the vast openness of the space. The kitchen and dining areas are one, giving visitors the opportunity to watch all the magic happen. With a sweet and calming decor that makes you feel peaceful, motivated, and very welcome all at the same time, I could see this being a great place for a birthday party or baby shower.

“Oh yeah, the cookie sandwich is one of my best sellers…”

However, there wasn’t much time to appreciate the motif because seconds after looking around my eyes were drawn to the display case where I spotted a large array of beautimous treats (including special peanut butter cookies for dogs) and on the end was some sort of wonderful Hulked-out super cookie that pulled me to the glass like a tractor beam and actually brought a tear to my eye.

“Oh yeah, the cookie sandwich is one of my best sellers…” came a lovely voice from right above me. I looked up and saw our gracious hostess grinning at me like she could read my mind.

Meet Melissa

Missouri native and treat enthusiast, Melissa Flinn opened up her shop in spring of 2018 and has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since. Here’s the 411 on Melissa and MoMo’s Favorite Treats.

How did you come up with the name MoMo?

“My sister gave me all sorts of nicknames when we were younger (some “normal” some super crazy, lol) and MoMo is the one that stuck. Now my nieces and nephews call me MoMo, so I thought why not?”

When did MoMo's Favorite Treats first open?

“I started doing it out of my house, under the Cottage Food Law, in June of 2016 and moved to the store front in May of 2018.”

"...people always told me that my sugar cookies were the best ever..."

Advertisement for White weddings in Farmington a young woman in a wedding gown poses by a classic truck

When did you know you wanted a sweets shop?

“Good question, lol! I have baked for a long time during the holidays and stuff and people always told me that my sugar cookies were the best ever. Of course we were living in STL at the time, so there was no way I was going to try and sell them there. There are too many bakery type places in the area. I always joked that if we ever moved to a smaller town I would consider it. Well, then we did and I went ahead and decided to try it and it went fairly well...”

Tell us about your family.

“I have been married for 11 years and have two boys: Carter (9) and Nicholas (6). We have a dog, 3 cats and 2 rabbits.”

What's next for MoMo's?

“We are moving into being a perfect spot for smaller (all-inclusive) birthday parties for boys and girls (base packages include up to 10 kids, but we can go up to 16 kiddos) as well as small bridal and baby shower events. I am also hoping to start working more with brides to do fun cookie “bars” and cupcakes for weddings.”

With so many treats to try, and me on my Don’t-do-it-Thanksgiving’s-coming! diet, we realized we would need to call in some major back up, and it wasn’t long before the calvary arrived!

Meet Our Team of Experts:


TyJah is 11 years old and is currently in middle school. She enjoys tumbling, and sports. She will be starting gymnastics soon. TyJah has a strong desire to be a doctor, but doesn't know what particular field she wants to study yet. According to her mother, she enjoyed herself very much at MoMo's Favorite Treats with 573 magazine. She loves the spotlight and yes... she's a class clown, lots of personality and full of energy and fun!

Tyrikq & Tyler

Tyrikq, is 10 yrs old. He's in 4th grade, enjoys sports and is a true gentleman. Tyrikq is addicted to video games, he's also an artist and takes time to write in his sketch book. He's a very happy young man. He enjoyed the treats and wants to do it again.

Tyler is the twin sister of Tyrikq. A bubbly little lady, she enjoys playing outdoors, is very humble and always willing to help anyone. She likes dolls and her favorite subject in school is math.


Tyson is in 3rd grade. Today was Tyson's 8th birthday! A class clown who's always full of energy, he loves playing games and watching cartoons. He enjoyed the goodies at MoMo's and would love to do it again.

Caleb & Caiyah

Caleb is a 6 year old ray of sunshine...always smiling. He's very honest, and an excellent student in all things. He liked the treats. A lot. He enjoyed his opportunity with 573 and would gladly do it again!

Caiyah also known as Ms. Sassy... lol... is Caleb's twin sister. She's a handful, yet so lovable. She enjoyed the treats and spending the day with 573 and like her twin brother, wants very much to do it again! 

“For the road...”

As our satisfied tasting team said their last goodbyes and headed out, we gathered our things up, but before we left Melissa pulled the last Super Hulk sandwich cookie out of the display case and wrapped it up to send with me. “For the road.” She said with a smile. Oh. My. Diet. I’m going to have to do a solid hour of spinning to make up for this treat, but it was totally worth it!

Two giant golden brown cookies on the outside with huge chunks of chocolate chips throughout encasing a rich smooth butter cream frosting center… yeah, I did it....and I will totally do it again! Until then 573 kids, be happy, be healthy, and if you have to break your diet like I just did be sure to go all out and make it worth every calorie!

Written by AJ Koehler


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