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Okay, thank goodness things are on the move again. Restaurants are opening, schools are gearing up, people are holding events again... Some of us hoped for a better future, others knew it would come—being a hopeless optimist myself, I can officially say “I told you so”.

Recently we met up with another group of super optimistic people who refused to let a stinking virus, or anything else for that matter, stand in their way of progress. They managed to promote and hold an event that raised more than 80,000 dollars. Wow, I thought I was optimistic. Meet Rachel and Andrew Mellies and their 5K Cross Country Run/Prayer Walk & Spring Festival fundraiser.

Rachel and Andrew Mellies are the kind of people who get told “You can’t do that!” and they go out and do it anyway. Through raw determination, clever innovations, and the help of many other motivated people at Eagle Ridge Christian School, the Mellies went to work and raised $82,238 for new school equipment. Then the school turned around and gave $15,730 to two other local organizations…Options For Women received $7,865 and The People’s Shelter received $7,865.

So how is this possible right in the middle of the craziness? It’s possible because Eagle Ridge School is run by and designed for the benefit of families—all families. Eagle Ridge had a great impact on Rachel and Andrew—they are both graduates of the school, they both teach and work there and their children attend school there. And like the Mellies, others associated with the school do the same. It’s families helping families.

This year the money raised will go towards purchasing an online library, new chrome books, preschool & elementary playground equipment & updates, new oven in kitchen, room divider for gym, another cafeteria table, new smart board in Kindergarten, soccer score board and funds to help cover our general expenses towards the end of the school year.

This year, 20% of the net income from the event will go towards two local organizations in our community “Options for Women” and “The People’s Shelter.” Options for Women is a faith based crisis pregnancy center that provides help for families. Their motto is “Every baby born with a future.” The People’s Shelter provides warm shelter and loving community to vulnerable people. Their motto is “Loving Out Loud.”

Everyone associated with Eagle Ridge Christian school is accustomed to wearing many hats. Andrew Mellies is the Athletic Director, Jr.-Sr. High Chaplain, teacher and anything needed on any given day. Andrew told us, “When you are part of a family school you have to be prepared to take on any role needed that day.” And Rachel, alone with being mother of three, wife and Fundraising Director has many other jobs to tackle at the school as well.

Rachel told us that they managed to sign more than 29 corporate sponsors this year. And two big sponsors being Saint Francis Healthcare and their largest sponsor being Midwest Sterilization Corporation. The cool thing is the individual students and their families raised money in this fundraiser, not by going door to door or selling a product - no, they did it by simple text messaging and email and social media. How cool is that?

You have to watch the video of Rachel and Andrew—it’s very inspiring. The message being, NEVER GIVE UP!

Eagle Ridge Christian School is a private pre-12th grade school whose focus is on the family. Eagle Ridge also offers preschool and food service... Eagle Ridge is fully accredited by ICAA and Cognia (formerly AdvancED) with a student population of over 200 and accommodates 6-week-old infant care through twelfth grade while employing over 25 full and part-time teachers as well as almost 10 support staff.

The school endeavors to raise and equip graduates who are academically qualified, spiritually equipped and physically fit. “We aspire to help graduates become leaders in their fields of endeavor and valuable members of society who love, honor, respect and serve God, their country and their fellow man.” Rachel says.

Learn more about the Eagle Ridge Christian School and the Mellies at

Eagle Ridge Christian School would like to thank their amazing sponsors for all of their help with this year's Run.

Bronze Sponsors:

1. Busch Pet Products

2. Think Team Dillick

3. Curry Dozer Service, LLC

4. Dexter Veterinary Clinic

5. First State Community Bank

6. The Lutheran Home / Saxony Village

7. Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.

8. Realty Executives Edge

9. Rock of Cape

Silver Sponsors

1. Bank of Missouri

2. Kessinger Specific Chiropractic

3. Pro Auto Service

4. Southeast Health

5. Syntrax

Gold Sponsor

1. M&M Sign and Installation

Underwriter Sponsor

Saint Francis Healthcare System

Title Sponsor

Midwest Sterilization Corporation


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