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The Big BFF 573 Fall Hike

Best Friends truly are a wonderful thing to see. They can be made a million different ways and they come in all types, shapes and sizes. Having a best friend is rare and beautiful. Not everyone has one, but those that do tend to seem like happier, healthier, more social people who like to get out and have fun. Who's your best friend? Your spouse, your sister, your co-worker, your dog, your next door neighbor from 15 years ago?

As you already know, 573 Magazine loves to Get Out There! With so many amazing local destinations to choose from, we're kept quite busy exploring the area, meeting new people, and having some pretty awesome adventures.

Our next new and exciting adventure is sure to be our best one yet! We'll be taking in breathtaking views as we hike to the top of Mount Hugh's...but that's not really the exciting part. We'll be doing a Fall Fashion shoot with the area's hottest threads...but that's not new for us. We'll get to see Motion Dog Films in action as they shoot a scene for their latest thriller...but the best is still yet to come.

What makes this next 573 Feature so new and exciting is that this story could be yours!

573 Magazine is looking for two best friends to join us for our Fall Fashion Hike! Do you enjoy hiking, beautiful fall views, and hanging with your bestie? Tell us your story! Send a short bio about you & your BFF along with a picture of the 2 of you together to for your chance to be featured in our latest fashion editorial!

Until then 573, be happy, be healthy, be well...and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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